Steam Summer Sales Begins with Huge Discounts for 2 Weeks

Valve has kicked off its annual Steam Summer Sale with exciting discounts on most popular titles. This year, the company did not go for a flash sale on specific games – instead, all of the games covered in the sale seem to be discounted till the offer ends.

The sale ends on the coming 5th of July, so you still have quite some time to browse and decide which game you wish to buy. The good thing is that all games will remain discounted till the date, so you won’t have to wait for the games you want to appear in a flash sale.

The Witcher

Steam Summer Sale 2018

You can check out the entire Summer Sale page here. Also, here are some of our favorite games that are on sale,

Aside from these games, there are juicy discounts on a number of other titles as well. You should check out Steam’s store page to find your favorites, and if you have been planning to, you should buy them before the offer expires on 5th July.


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By the way, the new sale is not just limited to software, the company’s Steam Link has been discounted by a whopping 95% and is currently priced at $2.50 (previous $50). Same goes for the Steam Controller, which is on sale for $34 (original price is $100).