Harmeet Singh is the First Ever Sikh Newscaster in Pakistan

Pakistani-born Sikh, Harmeet Singh is all set to debut as a newscaster for a private news channel, making him the first Sikh in the history of Pakistan’s electronic media industry.

Public News, launched on Sunday, has broken the stereotypes by employing the flamboyant yet thoroughly professional Harmeet as part of its news bulletin team.

Having done his Masters in Journalism from Federal Urdu University Karachi, Harmeet has already bagged multiple awards while working as a media man. He has won an award for Best Columnist and Reporter. Many people say that given his voice pitch, he has the potential to be a top name in the industry.

Aspiring to be an industry leader, Harmeet has already worked as a reporter for another private channel ATV.

When questioned about whether his identity as a Sikh has come in the way of his goals, Harmeet says that his hard work has paid off and that being a Sikh, he has never faced any issue from his Pakistani brothers and sisters.


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The inclusion of other communities in the mainstream media bodes well for Pakistan as a nation. The recent headlines of Manmeet Kaur becoming the first news reporter is another brilliant example in this regard.

It is certainly heartening to see members of the minority community rising through the ranks in Pakistan, establishing themselves as role models for others to follow. No doubt, Harmeet’s efforts have highlighted the country’s vibrant Sikh community.

His voice is well-suited to his role as a newscaster and it has earned his huge praise from the Pakistani public and some top guns in the media.

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