Infinix Launches Note 5 With Android One

Infinix has unveiled its latest entry in the Note series, called the Note 5. The phone is part of the Android One program, designed to deliver an unadulterated software experience by Google. Encased in the beautifully designed hardware of the Note 5, Android One brings secure and AI to everyone.

Following the global debut in Dubai, Infinix Note 5 will soon launch in more than 30 countries. Shoppers in Nigeria, Egypt, India, Kenya, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, and many other countries will soon be able to get their hands on the new release.

Infinix Note 5 launch

Infinix Note 5 dubai media launch

Infinix Note 5 launch in dubai

Infinix Note 5 Specifications

Network: 4G
OS Version: Android 8.1 Oreo (Android One Edition)
Display: 6.0″FHD+, 18:9, TDDI, 2.5D
Processor: MediaTek Helio P23
Dimensions: 158*75*8.4mm – 2.5D glass
ROM / RAM: 32GB+3GB/64GB+4GB
Battery: 4500mAh
Front “Selfie” camera: 16 MP, low light selfie, 4in1
Back camera: 12MP, 1.25um large pixels; f/2.0


The “Beyond Intelligent” Note 5 smartphone is equipped with a large display, which provides users with superb viewing and entertainment experience with an Infinity 6.0’’ FHD+ screen and an 18:9 screen ratio. The edge-to-edge screen also makes the device look stunning, both from a design and a technological perspective.


Infinix Note 5 Stylus

The Note 5 device features a 16MP low-light front camera, which allows selfie lovers to take great selfies even in low light. As for the rear camera, it is supported by a 12MP resolution.

Its long-lasting battery will provide 3 days on average usage with a 4500mAh unit, built with a 3A Fast Charge that will keep users fully functional throughout the day.

“Targeting trendsetters, and young professionals, Infinix Note 5 comes with a software experience designed by Google, combined with great hardware from Infinix/TRANSSION. We empower our users to go beyond the limit with our newest breakthrough technology. All while they enjoy an intelligent lifestyle through the fusion of technology and stylishness. In partnership with Google on Android One, we will provide the young generations with unprecedented mobile experience and revolutionize their mobile life with Note 5.” said Benjamin Jiang, Managing Director of Infinix Mobile.

Speaking on the partnership, Arif Chowdhury, Group Vice President TRANSSION said:

As a provider of mobile devices and mobile value added services in global emerging markets, we focus on serving a wide range of consumer groups and we firmly believe that the mobile communication device that has revolutionized social life belongs to everyone. We are pleased to partner with Google to cater to the young generations and present them with an intelligent and trendy lifestyle with the launch of Note 5.

“If you get a new smartphone you expect it to be amazing. That’s why we teamed up with TRANSSION through our Android One program. Together we strive to give users a range of smartphones, such as the Infinix Note 5, that combine beautiful hardware with Google’s smartly designed software – from the latest AI-powered innovations to the highest grade of security,” said Mahir Sahin, Director Android Partnerships for Africa.

Infinix Note 5 will also support Google Lens – a new way to search what you see and interact with the world around you. You can take action on text, identify distinct plant and animal breeds, learn more about popular landmarks and discover products similar to the ones that catch your eye – like furniture and apparel. The feature will be available right in the Note 5 camera and through the Google Assistant.

  • Infinix hot 2 android one was a failure, didn’t provide two year updates. Bugs, but software stability was better than any HMD Nokia phone.

    • I am using Nokia 7+ and don’t know what you’re talking about. Just got June security patch in the beginning of June and the Nokia support beats Xiaomi/Huawei/Infinix anyday.

      • It’s not Nokia. Just the name being used by a Chinese company exactly like huawei/xiaomi/infinix.

        • Hmd global is not a Chinese company. Its headquarter is situated next to the Nokia headquarters…..

          • That’s just the executive side. Their entire operations aspect: R&D, assembly, QC, sales, shipping etc is based out of Guangzhou, China. Just like Xiaomi, Huawei, infinix and you name it Chinese company.

            On the other hand, Xiaomi has an R&D division in Paris and Huawei has one in Silicon Valley. So they’re considerably better.

            • I am impressed if they can make phones like Nokia 7+ which compete flagships despite being a Chinese company according to you.
              I wonder how the screen, software updates, camera and build quality is so much better than Xiaomi. Looks like dudes there in Paris not doing their job properly.

              • Lmao, Nokia 7+ sports a Snapdragon 660, a midrage chipset thats almost 2 years old, coupled with 4GB of RAM. It’s the farthest thing from what you’d call of flagship. It’s not even a good midrange phone. Everything from the design to the build screams off the shelf about it.

                As for what a real flagship looks like, check out Xiaomi’s Mi 8, powered by the latest Snapdragon 845 with 8GB of RAM. If you really think the camera or screen on the Nokia 7+ are better than that, you’ve probably never handled a Xiaomi device, let alone one of their flagships.

                • If you want to buy the newly launched Redmi Note 5 pro 4/64gb with SD 636 for 34k and not the Nokia 7 plus 4/64gb with SD 660 for 37k with 3 years official support and faster software updates, better camera then i cannot help it mate.

                  • @shahrukh
                    don;t write wrong prices mate Redminote 5 is going to be priced at 31k for 4/64 gb version and not every one wants that boring as f…. android

                • Brother if you don’t know anything about chipsets, you should not make comparisons and comments like this, you are not only making fun of yourself here but also irritating people who know anything about chipsets. Newly launched 10nm snapdragon 710 which has been released with Mi 8 SE is the latest but doesn’t mean is a better chipset than last year’s Snapdragon 835 which was in Mi 6. Same goes for SD 660 and 636. Go google the comparison between both of them and you will understand which one is better. God bless you.

                  • Are you sure you meant to tag me? I never said anything about those chipsets. Just that contrary to what @disqus_cL32a2rq7U:disqus here is claiming, Snapdragon 660 is NOT a flagship chipset, and now with 8nm silicon on the horizon, is even aging as a midrange chipset. On the other hand, all chipsets used in the Mi line of phones over the years have been the latest flagship variants on offer from Qualcomm. Pick any Xiaomi flagship device from the last three years and it’ll leave the Nokia 7+ in the dust.

                    • Why are you comparing Non-Flagships to the Flagships in the first place. I guess you still didn’t get what I meant by “competes”. I never said its better than any flagship phone.

      • You will know if you have heavy use with a Nokia device.
        Had same experience with Nokia 5
        7 Plus also have screen issues, some came with faulty batteries.

        Search online Pakistani tech forums, some users managed to sold 7+ just within a week of purchasing at a loss.

        • Those screen issues were yellowish tint at the bottom of the screen which were the issue with the sets which were manufactured in India(Same issues with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro sets manufactured in India) and I’ve never read about faulty batteries in Nokia 7+. Stop making up stuff.

          • Could you please get me free replacement of faulty Nokia 5 and 7 plus? If you are so sure and defending it. Software issues can be ignored expecting that they might get fixed. But hardware issues are confirm lose of money. I am from Pakistan, bought from Pakistan.

            • The sets manufactured in China have zero issues mate. Atleast give some proof if you are complaining of any issues. Do write your username below the phone on a paper so we know you aren’t taking stuff from google and claiming it.

            • Show me any Nokia 7 plus with that yellowish tint launched in Pakistan. Don’t compare made in India units with Pakistan. Because we don’t compare Xiaomi India prices with Pakistan. Know the ground realities.

        • You have to leave it completely brother. The most famous AndroidOne phone apart from Nokia is Mi A1 still waiting Android 8.1 and bugs to be fixed.
          And if you know anything about AndroidOne program, Nokia software is being managed by google itself and so are the updates. And if there is any hug in AndroidOne phone, blame Google not Nokia or Xiaomi or Infinix. Anything else?

  • Using infinix note 5 for a month now. Using Nokia 6.1 parallel with it. But I assure you infinix built it for rough and tough use. I play asphalt in Nokia and it get heated so mich, maybe due to aluminum block, infinix on the other hand consume less battery and stand as a sturdy guy. Loved the device. Hongkong is doing good in this regard

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