Happilac Paints Launches Wipeout Illiteracy Campaign for the Underprivileged

Happilac Paints, one of the premier paint brands in Pakistan is Aspiring to create opportunities for the underprivileged so that they can look forward to an optimistic future, as part of its strategic CSR initiatives.

Keeping the spirit of helping the community alive, the company has launched “Happilac Wipeout Illiteracy”, a campaign designed to enable the educated members of the society along with the company to curb illiteracy in Pakistan.

The primary motive of the campaign is to provide basic education to not only the children but also the elders who, due to unfortunate reasons and hurdles, were not able to educate themselves.

The idea is to encourage the educated members of the community to find and educate people around them.

Citizens who participate in the campaign can begin imparting basic education to people in their households, to workshop employees, laborers, etc. without any educational training with the educational kits provided by Happilac Paints.

These educational books comprise of a student course book “Asaan Kitab” as well as a teacher’s guide, which provides a comprehensive 30-day training program. These books will allow you to easily follow set guidelines for teaching the curriculum.

The methodology behind this campaign is not just limited to providing basic education and developing a civic sense in people, it aspires to do more. In this regard, Happilac Paints has also taken the initiative to financially back various other self-initiative programs with the mission to open new venues to educate the underprivileged members of the society.

Happilac Paints: Enlightening Lives

Education is integral to the prosperity of a nation and an essential component in bringing about a positive change. Almost half of the population of Pakistan is illiterate. For its part, Happilac Paints wants to change this situation for the better.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most powerful weapon to change the world,” Happilac also recognizes the benefits of an educated community. It is working along with its brand ambassador Shahid Afridi to decrease illiteracy in Pakistan.


Shahid Afridi Donates Rs. 100 Million For the Construction of a Hospital

Not only this, but the brand has partnered with, celebrities, sports personalities, opinion makers and social activists, who are actively promoting the cause of an educated and literate Pakistan.

 To raise donation for the cause, Happilac has introduced a promotion on its flagship product “Happilac Premium Wipeout Illiteracy Matt Emulsion.”As part of this campaign, proceeds will be donated for educational initiatives.

  • RS 100 to be donated on every Happilac Premium Wipeout Matt Emulsion drum,
  • RS 25 to be donated on every gallon of Happilac Premium Wipeout Matt Emulsion bucket,
  • RS 10 to be donated on every quarter gallon of Happilac Premium Wipeout Matt Emulsion bucket.

Started with Passion, Moving with Strength

The Happilac Wipeout Illiteracy Campaign first kicked off on the 25th of April 2018 over electronic media. On ground activities launched on 4th May in Lahore, 5th May in Faisalabad, and 6th May in Islamabad and Karachi.

Happilac Paints aims to continue this endeavor for the benefit of the people as the company has already taken it to the national level and aspires to take this campaign to the deserving rural areas of Pakistan.

Happilac’s “Wipeout Matt Emulsion” is the most premium offering from the product line of the brand. With its water repellent properties and durability, the paint shrugs off permanent water-based stains effortlessly without compromising the immaculate Matt finish of the product.

“Aao Karein Illiteracy ko WipeOut!”

Pakistanis from all walks of life are urged to join hands with and participate in the Happilac Paints “Wipeout Illiteracy Campaign”.

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