Pakistani Startup “AzaadHealth” Gets Selected in Health-Focused USA Accelerator

A US-based accelerator program, Startup Health, has selected 10 startups from around the globe as a part of its latest cohort. The list also features AzaadHealth, a Pakistani health-focused startup.

AzaadHealth is a Pakistani startup that has been working on an online healthcare platform to cater to all of a person’s health needs. Their aim is to develop a complete online hub that also provides the user with insights about their well-being using the power of data analytics. They also made headlines for reaching the finals of MedHealth, a global healthcare competition.

“We are working on a HIPAA compliant, permissioned blockchain network powered by HyperLedger,” shared Syed Abrar, the founder and the current CEO of AzaadHealth.

We plan on making it a ‘plug and play’ digital health infrastructure for developing countries which do not have digital health capabilities.

 All your health information one place at AzaadHealth

HIPAA is a standard of protocols introduced by the United States that provide data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Being compliant with the legislation not only ensures data safety but will also help AzaadHealth attract and integrate with any health institute or organization in Pakistan.

Moreover, their partnership with Startup Health makes them the only startup from Pakistan to be selected by the organization and will help them in running the business end of the company.

Some of the other startups that made the list include Cubismi, a medical imaging company; Swift Shift, a recruitment service for nurses and caregivers; and YourCoach, a health-coaching startup.

“Right now they are connecting us with several insurance providers in the US so that we may get feedback from our potential clients,” he shared.

Startup Health is dedicated to supporting a global army of entrepreneurs working on transforming the health industry through innovative and creative methods. Founded in 2011, it now has the world’s largest portfolio of digital health companies from over 12 countries and continues to expand that number with each passing year.

“The key factor for getting selected is the willingness and the determination of the entrepreneur leading the said health initiative and how much positive impact will that initiative have for the world.”

Currently, AzaadHealth is a part of the StartUp Health Academy, one of the multiple divisions under StartUp Health’s umbrella. It will receive an investment of $200,000 worth of resources, including consultations, packaging of the project for a demo, connection to investors and more.

If they exhibit enough promise and continue to progress at the current pace, they can also become eligible for organization’s venture stream, allowing them to receive cash capital as well.