People Under 18 Years of Age Banned from Traveling to Dubai Alone on PIA Flights

If you are under 18 years of age, you won’t be able to travel to Dubai alone on PIA from now onwards.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has directed its staff and concerned departments not to allow any passenger under 18 years of age to travel to Dubai alone.

As per the notification issued by the national flag carrier, the authorities at UAE have advised them against allowing individuals under 18 to travel alone. Those who are found violating this rule will be deported back to the origin country in the future.

The notification, under the Subject line ‘Passengers under 18 not allowed to travel Dubai Alone’ read:

Please be informed that Dubai Airport Authorities / Dubai Immigration have decided that with immediate effect no passenger under 18 is allowed to enter Dubai alone.

Such Passengers will be deported back to their home countries (in future) if this practice will not be discontinued [sic].

Here is PIA’s official notice regarding the matter, informing its business partners over the new development:

PIA Passenger under 18 not allowed to travel dubai alone

PIA has advised strict compliance with the notification issued on June 27, 2018. The notification is aimed at helping authorities avoid any deportation or fine that can end up causing inconvenience to the passengers.


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People are advised to be aware of this new rule in advance – that no passenger under 18 years of age can travel without an adult for Dubai.

It remains to be seen if the order will be extended to other commercial airlines as well, though for now, only PIA has been told to enforce it.

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  • Article is written in a way as if Dubai is a country, this law is for all airports of UAE including Dubai.

    More than anything Pakistani authorities need to question youngsters travelling frequently (both girls and guys) to this destination. Of course not all but a good number is going there for “easy money” and not for tourism or job search.

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