Sinkhole at Mall Road in Lahore Repaired Within 24 Hours

The recent spell of rains wreaked havoc in Lahore. It pretty much exposed the abysmal state of infrastructure in the city as almost every road was flooded with water. One of the major damages that the 252-millimeters strong rain caused was a giant sinkhole that appeared at the Mall Road at GPO Lahore.


People on social, as well as the electronic media, criticized authorities for not preparing a mitigation plan in time. However, as per the latest development, authorities have taken the action and the giant sinkhole has been filled in just 24 hours after it formed.


Rains in Lahore Wreak Havoc on Infrastructure Across the City [Pictures]

You can take a glimpse at Lahore’s condition as the rains took its toll.

Sinkhole at Mall Road Lahore

Sinkhole Lahore

Here is the view of the team in action that was tasked to fill the sinkhole.

Filling Sinkhole at Mall Road Lahore

Repairing Sinkhole Mall Road

The authorities have received praise from the public for quick action. However, it drew some criticism as well as to why the damage occurred in the first place.

The Reason

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) told that open ducts of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) caused the water to seep, resulting in the appearance of sinkholes.


LDA Director General Ms. Amna Imran Khan told the caretaker Chief Minister:

During torrential rain, a number of PTCL open ducts located in a chamber near the GPO intersection became a carrier of water seepage under the road. Water through these ducts found its way over the passage of time through the subsoil into the under-construction pedestrian underpass and the unsealed ducts caused erosion of the subsoil leading to the formation of the cavity under the road resulting in the overall collapse.

She also briefed about the actions that have been taken so far saying:

The damage control measures have been taken with immediate deployment of human resource, consultant, and contractors who made blockage of drain water by rising embankments all around the ditch and plugging the open PTCL’s ducts (source of water entrance). The staff also inserted corrugated sheets in front of underground piles, made dumping of earthen material up to 3m depth.

Open For Traffic

The LDA chairman added that the road has been opened for traffic. Her statement added:

We have opened the road for traffic after completion of filling, compaction, and other works but asphalt work will be done after the monsoon.

What do you think about the authorities’ quick response?

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  • That quick action was not expected, but Good work.
    and Lahoreon ko chand din ka Niagara fall Mubarak.

    • Workers are always their performing their duties. i.e. Lower tier workers. While higher management is busy is embezzling funds and stuff.

  • This act should be appreciated the same way people criticized Punjab government. Congratulation to LDA for such quick action for the citizen of Lahore.

  • This act should be appreciated the same way people criticized Punjab government. Congratulation to LDA for such quick action for the citizen of Lahore.

  • Soil liquefaction can occur anywhere even after good compaction done. Happened in Brooklyn NY (area where majority of Pakistanis reside) and it was as huge as on mall road.

    Surprised to see LDA Director General is Ms. Amna Imran Khan, she was under NAB inquiry for “assets beyond means” , known for corruption in MO housing and works. She was OSD in previous government.

      • @Abid Ali koi moqa na jana dena PATWARIO jab tak tum MIA NAWAAZ SHREE AUR showBAZAY ko defend na ker lo tumhay chaan nahi ata ha.tum logo ko us ki corruption nazar nahi atai ha…..

        • Professor bn’nay ki zrurat nhi, maine kab kaha main chor leagues ka supporter hoon? Apni aaakhon ka ilaaj karwao kis jaga pe main defend kiya? Agr phir bhi dil na maanay to pehle meri lines 3, 4 baar parh lena. Bolnay se pehle tol liya karo,

        • یوتھیاوں کو یوتھیاوں کے علاوہ سب کافر لگتے ہیں۔

  • Let me explain that it is the worst kind of work being done by LDA. Yesterday I was watching a TV program of Mubashir Luqman. The Camera man showed that in the Sink hole there were many broken water pipes and some of the pipes were gushing out water. At the same time one Bulldozer was dumping sand in to the sinkhole. What a shame. Instead of fixing it properly they just fill it up to keep the public mouth closed. This will incur double cost when it is dug to fix the water lines.

      I commend you for raising this point.

      One way to think is that they did this as a temporary measure so that traffic flow is not disturbed, and later on perform a full repair later on. BUT, knowing LDA, I am sure they won’t do any such thing, hence you’re right.

  • “Lahore Development Authority (LDA) told that open ducts of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) caused the water to seep, resulting in the appearance of sinkholes.”

    So how is that their mistake? Isn’t this the responsibility of LDA (or whatever authority is overseeing the development of roads) to check with ALL OTHER DEPARTMENTS before proceeding?

    I have seen first hand how badly these people decide and manage their projects. In my area of Badami Bagh, they made new streets, only to be torn apart after a month by WASA and PTCL too put ‘new stuff’.

    • LOL what are you talking about. It happens in all part of Pakistan. When I was in Islamabad Sector G-6/2 roads where made in those area’s and then the Sui gas people came to install meter’s and they torn apart roads from the front of the houses. Filling some and leaving others. Then PTCL came and installed their wires in the main road doing the same. Then when i shift to blue area near polyclinic same thing. Then to G-6/4 same then Bara Kahu same.

      They always make road and then install their pipes wires etc. Its like their waiting for the road to be made.

      • Exactly my point. It doesn’t take a genius to see that are playing with our money to ‘reward’ all parties involved, except the public.
        All the material comes from their own companies, and contractors are their relatives or something.
        What’s sad is that public can see it happening infront of them, but don’t think about it .

  • PMLN govt caused the damaged with poor infrastructure… and caretaker govt set an example by filing a hole of such a huge size withing 24 hours…. It’s i think one of a kind action seen in a thirld world country…. had it been PMLN govt… it would have took them 3 months to make the road operational again….

  • Its normal in moon soon all over the world, don’t panic. just google sink hole.

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