FAW V2 Gets an All New Interior Color

FAW just launched a new interior color for the popular FAW V2.

The latest design is now available for newer V2 models, and comes at no extra cost. This time, the central console and pretty much the entire dash board has a dark black colored theme with touches of silver and grey.

Same goes for the seating upholstery, that has a similar grey-black combination to suit the rest of the components. V2’s previous interior had a different, more lighter theme with a grey-silver finish.

You can compare the two interiors below:

V2 has proven to be a great hatchback but at the same time lacked in interior quality and somewhat dated components. The new update actually looks good, and should give a more roomy experience.

Upcoming Rivals

Also, its pertinent to mention that Al-Haj FAW recently increase prices for all of its lineup, including the V2. It was the company’s fourth price hike since January this year. Surely, in times of rising prices, FAW should bring some design and feature changes to keep the V2 relevant this year.


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FAW V2 comes with some decent safety features such as dual airbags, ABS, and EBD, but also comes at a rather hefty price of Rs. 1,204,000 (a Rs. 25,000 increase after the recent price change) to compete with Suzuki’s Cultus and Swift models.

FAW will also need to compete with new brands in the future, so its about time the Chinese automaker did something new.

So, what do you think of the new interior? Which one is better – grey or black?

  • I read in reviews, their gear system is very messy, and break the gear easily. I think, they just colorized the interior doesn’t improve anything.

    • u just heard wrong, it may be his unit thats faulty otherwise thats not the common complain in V2, the most common problem with v2 is that ists wiring is just not tied properly inside the body so it needs to be tied otherwise it knocks the body while u drive.

    • Some of the mechanism related to gear is not covered, so depending on the road conditions it can get jammed or messed up. I hope with the three increases in price this year they would have added a cover by now ;)

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