Al-Haj FAW Motors Increases Prices for the Fourth Time This Year

Al-Haj FAW is going for another price hike, its fourth for the current year. The company, in response to the rupee’s depreciating value, has hiked prices for its entire lineup, with other automakers expected to do the same. Their previous price bump happened just about 3 weeks ago.

Toyota Indus, too, announced their third price hike this year, shortly after FAW. Honda Pakistan and Pak Suzuki are yet to follow suit.

New Prices

Here are the revised prices for FAW car models:

FAW Model Variant Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.)
X-PV Standard 944,000 974,000
Dual AC 994,000 1,024,000
W/O Rear Seat 974,000 1,004,000
Carrier Standard 844,000 869,000
Flat Bed 834,000 859,000
Deckless 824,000 849,000
Increment for AC 45,000 45,000
V2 M/T 1,179,000 1,204,000


The new prices are already in effect. All buyers will have to bear the additional cost – even if they booked a vehicle from FAW prior to these changes.

FAW’s policy on the new prices states:

The prices of all FAW Vehicles are subject to change without notice and prices prevailing at the time of delivery shall apply if rates of existing duties / taxes are increased or new duties / taxes are levied by the Government then such increases would be paid by the customer prior to delivery of the vehicles.

The new prices have already been updated on Al-Haj FAW’s website. FAW V2’s total price includes Rs. 25,000 of additional tax charges, for filers of course. A similar tax is also charged on the X=PV, at Rs. 15,000 instead.

You can check out pricing on other FAW models, as well as their details, by visiting their website here.