Twitter Suspended a Million Accounts Per Day in The Past Few Months

Twitter has been on a roll to get rid of fake accounts and has been suspending nearly 1 million accounts a day in recent months.

In a blogpost titled “How Twitter is fighting spam and malicious automation“, the 2nd biggest social network revealed numbers and figures on how many accounts it has gotten rid of for posting spam and spreading faux propaganda. Twitter has always been used for news and acted as a go-to network for people looking for updates.

It has a massive user-base, and is among the few social networks that are close to Facebook in terms of monthly active users. And that’s why fake news and selective advertisement on its platform have a significant effect. The blogpost reads,

Due to technology and process improvements during the past year, we are now removing 214% more accounts for violating our spam policies on a year-on-year basis.


Moreover, Twitter found more than 9.9 million malicious accounts in its system per week in the month of May 2018. The number of such accounts has increased significantly over the past months, and is up from 6.4 million in December 2017.

The tech company has also found improvements in its system, and says that the number of spam posts a day has dropped from 25,000 a day in March 2018 to 17,000 a day in May this year. Their new system has prevented “more than 50,000 spammy sign-ups per day.”

Negative Impact

Experts believe that it could significantly affect Twitter’s overall performance, as getting rid of accounts at such a rate will adversely affect its monthly active users. A Twitter spokesperson told CNET, that a shareholder letter for the company has raised concerns over this.

MAU may continue to be negatively impacted in future periods due to our ongoing information quality efforts, GDPR, and other operational decisions,

Faux advertisement and fake news from Russian entities has significantly influenced electoral voting in the United States. Ever since, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have been on the lookout to rid their platforms of fake accounts that spread propaganda.