#UthnaKaafiNahiHai: The Real Reason Why Mornings Suck!

#Uthna KaafiNahiHai

That’s more than a hashtag, it’s a gruesome reminder of a persistent yet overlooked problem of our society. See mornings are terrible, no person is ever truly a morning person! But the world wants you to be that way and it will drag you out of your bed no matter how hard you cling on to it! The problem is – you can be up on your feet, but your eyes will still droop!

In a blunt rant video, the youth has spoken about their misery and their cry is “enough is enough – uthna #kaafinahihai!”

Kyu kaafi nahi hai? Because every morning you stumble your way to your bathroom, miserably scroll through your glorified newsfeed while unleashing chaos on the porcelain throne! You brush your teeth while looking at your zombie self, gobble down whatever mom gave you for breakfast, slurp down your tall mug of double teabag wali chai and you’re off to conquer the world. Except that you’re not ready yet. You’ll have another chai, then another chai, and it still won’t work.

See what’s wrong here? Before you leave home you should be on point, sharp like phuppi ki zabaan! But you’re not, because you’re still sleepy. You try crazy things to beat that – cold showers in the winters, doing jumping jacks in your chaddeez– anything that will shake off the sluggishness. But it never really works, does it? You’re still slow, still hating the world, and still late to your classes?

That means something has to change. Why? Because our morning routines are incomplete. Chai has failed us – just ask these guys:

  • This thing is totally agaist the nature, I request you please don’t share such things, Early Morning is bless by ALLAH.

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