Dropbox Adds 1 TB Free Storage for Pro and Business Customers

Dropbox has increased the storage limit for its Professional and Business Standard users starting today, and is adding 1 TB extra to each plan.

Professional bundle subscribers will now get a total of 2 TB of storage, and Business Standard users will be able to use a total of 3 TB capacity. If you are already a subscriber and bought a package before this bump was announced, you will also get an extra 1 TB of capacity without having to pay additional costs.

And similarly, new users will get the new capacity bump by default when they sign up. For those who have been sticking to Dropbox over the years, the new change is pretty useful especially if you are using it for more-than-casual purposes.

More Storage For Some Users

As data requirements for most users are increasing, the company has improved its storage options. If you’re a company, then the Business Standard subscription is more useful than before as you can now share up to 3 TB’s of storage with your team.

Dropbox’s Professional plan costs $20 a month ($199 for a yearly subscription). This plan has more features than the $10 per month Plus bundle.


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The Business Standard plan is designed for team members working in a company. It’s customizable and lets you pick more than one member to utilize a single cloud drive. It costs $12.50 a month per member, and also requires a minimum of three members per team.

Do note that the new 1 TB extension is only for those who subscribe to the Professional or Business Standard plan. Plus subscribers will continue to use their current storage capacity.

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