Pak Suzuki Raises Prices for Cars (Yet Again) by Upto Rs. 40,000

Despite increasing their prices in June this year, Suzuki Pakistan has done it again. Starting from today i.e. August 1st 2018, the company has increased prices for almost all of its cars by at least Rs. 30,000-40,000.

Pak Suzuki Motors issued a notification in this regard to all of its authorized dealers, informing them about the revised retail prices.

The automaker has not mentioned any specific reason behind the hike in car prices in its recent notification. However, it is believed that the company may have done so in view of the fluctuating value of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar.

Revised Rates

Model Retail Price June Retail Price August
Mehran VX 739,000 769,000
Mehran VXR 795,000 840,000
Bolan Van 814,000 834,000
Bolan Cargo 800,000
WagonR VXL MC 1,194,000 1,234,000
WagonR VXR MC 1,104,000 1,144,000
Cultus VXR 1,300,000 1,340,000
Cultus VXL 1,421,000 1,461,000
Cultus AGS 1,568,000
Swift DLX NAV 1,435,000 1,475,000
Swift AT NAV 1,571,000 1,611,000


The notification is as follows:

Revision in auto mobile retail prices

With all the car giants including Honda, Toyota and Suzuki increasing their prices thrice during this year, buyers will be considering other options as new players enter the market.

Feature Writer

  • just boycott this stupid company and everything will be okay. Time to support Chinese auto makers.

    • I am agree with you. Low quality body and parts but increase prcices every 6 month. Govt. should took notice

  • They should increase the price of Mehran up-to 2 Million, such a state of art car in such a low price.

  • They are unable to meed the demand, the own price for Wagonr is 100K in the local market. So, they have the right to increase prices. Unless they can increase production or new car makers start to fill the gap between demand and supply, this is the only way.

  • Stupid paper cars, i bought a used car instead because i didn’t want to waste my money on stupid new cars! I hope new Govt teach some lessons to these thieves. Mehran should be in Museum for God sake!

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