Shezan’s “Fruit Trees for Life” Campaign Shows Why You Should Plant Trees

Pakistan as a nation is losing its forests. Thousands of acres of woods are being cut down to meet the needs of a growing population in the country. The loss of forest cover has become a leading of cause of flash floods which not only destroy millions of houses but agricultural land as well. The extensive deforestation, along with global warming, is playing havoc on Pakistan’s climate.


In this regard, Shezan recently decided to take matters in its own hands. They realized that, if the right steps are not taken soon, coming generations of Pakistan are going to be crippled by the burden of global warming. With every passing minute, we are putting the lives of millions in danger with our inaction.

Shezan Fruit Trees

Soon a plan came into being, with Shezan rolling out a program to start planting trees. A simple task, aided with the right knowledge can surely make a difference.

Shezan launched an animated video, that teaches everyone the necessary steps to plant fruit trees. The aim of the campaign was to educate the everyone about how to plant the trees and to take care of it. The campaign not only focuses on planting trees but also on how taking care of our surroundings is a civic duty. The audience benefits with the required know-how. Thanks to Shezan’s Fruit Trees for Life campaign, many people are finding out how easy, economical and crucial tree-planting is to our future.

Shezan Fruit Trees for Life

As people become aware of the problem at hand, Shezan’s video provides a solution. No longer will you have to waste hours on the internet trying to research on how / which fruit should be planted in your backyard. You get to know the fruits which are adaptable to Pakistan’s climatic conditions. It also provides more details as to how the Monsoon season is perfect for planting trees and which tools are required to take care of them. The video provides all the essential information, empowering the audience in a straightforward and light-hearted manner.

It is to take action and stop worrying.

Join hands with the Shezan’s #FruitTreesForLife campaign and work towards a better and greener Pakistan. Let’s start healing our country! Let’s start by planting trees.



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