Oppo Becomes The First Company to Test 5G on a Phone

5G connectivity is just around the corner and smartphone manufacturers are gearing up to test and introduce devices that will support 5G. The latest advancement in the future of 5G comes from OPPO.

Oppo has been making headlines recently, be it making a completely bezelless display with innovative features or testing out the latest 5G networks, Oppo is everywhere.

Just a few days ago there were rumors that Oppo is going to be the first smartphone manufacturer to come out with 5G smartphones. However, just today the company has completed its testing of 5G and says they are ready to mass manufacture 5G supported smartphones.

Oppo R15…with 5G?

According to reports, Oppo has successfully completed its test of the next generation 5G network using one of their own R15’s. But the R15 used here is not just any other retail unit, Oppo had to use a modified version to run the extensive 5G tests.

oppo r15 pro

The modified R15 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem on board. The test was conducted on 3GPP Release 15 NSA standard with the 10 MHz bandwidth of 4G LTE Band 3 and 20MHz bandwidth of 5G n78 band.

Using this setup, Oppo was able to achieve the experimental speed of 5G networks and successfully completed the test. Oppo says that the test is the foundation stone for the commercial release for more 5G ready devices that are expected to arrive in 2019.

oppo 5g test

Announcing their partnership with Qualcomm, Oppo’s assistant VP Shen Yiren said that the internal development of OPPO’s first 5G smartphones is going quite well and they are very confident to be the first one in the market to support 5G.

Source – MyDrivers.com

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