Here’s How You Can Turn Your Phone Into a Speedy PocoPhone F1

The new Pocophone F1 has been making headlines recently for all the right reasons. It is the cheapest device around that comes with flagship specifications.


Though it has been launched globally and has also been confirmed for the Pakistani market, there’s still no news on when it will be available here. However, what you can try out right now is the new POCO launcher on your non-Xiaomi phone.

POCO Launcher

Traditionally, Xiaomi phones come with their own MIUI skin on top of Android. In PocoPhone’s case, the company tweaked it a bit, with subtle changes here and there. Now, Xiaomi has made a launcher based on PocoPhone’s software, which is now available on the Play Store for everyone to use. It’s a beta program so it might have a few issues that will eventually be ironed out in the full version.

The POCO launcher comes with a bunch of cool and unique features that makes general usability and navigating around the device quite easy. The animations are fast and fluid and it definitely has an edge for other launchers available on the Play Store.

Like most other launchers, it isn’t cluttered either. The icons are reasonably sized, various options in the settings are easy to navigate and you can even load up your favorite icon pack.

There’s also an app drawer which is a first for any MIUI based phone. And the way it categorizes applications is also pretty useful for most people.


If you know the color of the icon of whatever application you are trying to open but somehow forgot the name (mostly happens with games), you can order the applications by various colors so you can just quickly find the app if you remember its color.

Moreover, if your device has a lot of bloatware that you don’t want cluttering the home screen or app drawer, you can just simply hide those applications.

Being an early access application, there can be a few bugs here and there but nothing major that can affect usability.


As mentioned earlier, the launcher is currently in beta stage and therefore there’s a limited number of people who can download right now. However, the nice people over at Android Police have uploaded the APK on APK Mirror and you can download it by clicking here.

If you want to wait for the full release or just try your luck at getting in the early access list, you can visit the Play Store link here to download.


  • Pretty much useless, just like MIUI.
    Least amount of features & options available on any android phone.

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