Lenovo Teases Its Own Bezel-less Phone With a Sliding Camera

Following the lead of Oppo, Vivo and most recently Xiaomi, Lenovo has become the latest Chinese smartphone manufacturer to join the trend of sliding-camera smartphones.

The company’s Vice President Chang Cheng broke the news in a teaser video shared on Weibo. The 6-second teaser shows the smartphone, which decidedly comes with extremely thin bezels, sliding down to reveal a camera lens, an LED flash and a bunch of sensors.

There is an in-display fingerprint scanner too, as evident by the image on the display. Thanks to the sliding camera module that also includes various other sensors, the screen bezels are extremely thin owing to an immersive experience.

There is much less to be deciphered from the teaser than, say, we did from Xiaomi’s. We don’t know if the mechanism moves the entire phone downwards (like Mi Mix 3) or just a small portion (like the Oppo Find X).

We also don’t know if the back camera components are protected by the sliding mechanism or not. And, of course, you can forget about other specs such as the display or the processor as this is all we have at this point from Lenovo.

The news marks a good few days for fans of all-display smartphones or those who don’t like a notch on top. The participation of Xiaomi and Lenovo in this trend shows the gap in the market for such a phone. Let’s hope you’ll have more (and better) options the next time you go shopping for a smartphone.

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