Master Motors is Launching 3 Changan Vehicles This Month

Master Motors came into a partnership agreement with Changan Motors on June 29, 2018, following which the company announced the launch of four vehicles in Pakistan very soon. The Chinese automaker, Changan Motors, will be investing $ 100 million in Pakistani market.

On September 02, 2018, International Engineering & Machinery Asia Expo 2018 was held at Lahore, and the event saw Master Motors unveil the promised Changan vehicles.

The company’s SUV will hit the roads in 2020, while three other vehicles, including an MPV Karvaan and two pickups M8 and M9, will be launched on September 15, 2018.

Changan MPV Karvaan
MPV Karvaan via Car Spirit

Silver Changan Vehicle Exterior Back

Silver Changan M8/M9 Front
M8/M9 Via Car Spirit

Regarding prices, there is no official word as of yet, however, all the three vehicles launching in September will be priced under 1,000,000, according to sources.

The expected prices are as follows:

  • MPV Karvaan – Rs 1,000,000
  • M8 – Rs 850,000
  • M9 – Rs 900,000

Daniyal Malik, CEO Master Motors, while talking at the occasion praised the government’s auto policy which encourages new players to enter the Pakistani market as well. He was of the view that Changan motors will perform well in the Pakistani market and vehicles will be extremely cost-effective, offering all the features Japanese cars are offering at very affordable prices.

The promised SUV will be sold at the price of a Sedan so that the users can enjoy SUV rides at the same price with all the glittery features offered by other SUVs.

Red CX70 Exterior
CX70 via Car Spirit

The auto experts are terming these three vehicles as direct competitors for FAW which has similar pickups and an XPV in a similar price bracket.

Featured Image Source: Changan Motors

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