PIA Finally Switches to a New Airline & Passenger Management System

The national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has acquired a new airline management, sales and revenue system – HITIT Computers systems – from a Turkish company. With the acquisition of the new airline management system, PIA has ended its 20-year partnership with Sabre Global Distribution System (Sabre) – a United States of America (USA) based company.

PIA spokesperson confirmed ProPakistani that the airline has shifted its system from Sabre to HITIT. This new system will provide multiple services to fulfill the airline’s needs. HITIT will provide services for reservation, flight operations, accounting, crew management and flight check-in and flights scheduling and other services. PIA claims that this new system is not only cost effective but also very efficient compared to the previous one.

Chairman and CEO of PIA Saqib Aziz said that the airline staff worked tirelessly to activate this system.

“PIA’s HITIT has become fully functional today and this airline management system is state of the art. By shifting to the new system, PIA will save billions of rupees in revenue and can now provide better services to its passengers,” Saqib Aziz added.

He further said that changing the system is a need of the time. This new system will enhance the technical capability of airline staff and bring efficiency in flight operations and cash flow management.

Saqib Aziz also appealed to the passengers that if the system stops responding or experiences difficulties, they should keep calm and contact PIA for assistance.


PIA Loses Billions Every Year Due to a Flawed Software

PIA inked the agreement with HITIT on April 18, 2018. The PIA management hopes that HITIT will help the airline in improving its online booking system.

HITIT started its business in 1994 and is a part of Turkish Airlines. Its provides services to many other airlines in the world. Hitit is named after the ancient Hittite civilization of Anatolia.

In 1994, PIA became a client of Sabre and its in-house flight reservation system. This move was highly criticized but the management kept using this system. Sabre was not able to fulfil the airline’s needs and proved to be a very expansive solution.

Sources told that the Saber system is no longer useful due to many small bugs. PIA is suffering losses of billions of rupees every year because of the Saber system. Till date, the online sales of PIA are only 10 percent of their total sales while other airlines secure more than 85 percent of their sales using the online reservation system.

  • the reason for worst online sales is their online ticketing systmem on their website is really stupid

      • Daraz waaley 50 ki cheeze 150 mai deten hain who will over exceed their budget buying from daraz ? PIA online seat reservation systems should be more secured, they must change their IT/developers staff.

    • SABRE is a US-based company, a subsidiary of American Airlines. That meant that the US FBI and CIA had complete access to PIA flight manifests and similar information. There will be no such problems with the new system as Pakistan and Turkey enjoy excellent relations.

      • Little things amuse little minds. If the American’s want they can infiltrate any system. They have already done so with our networks in the past and can do anytime.

        What guarantee do you have that the Turkish won’t pass on the information or their systems are more secure than any other.

        Think before you speak (that is if you have a brain)

        • You can say what you have to say without resorting to rudeness. Rasoolallah [SAW] was never rude. Now go and play in your sandbox, O retarded one!
          PS the part of FBI/CIA was from an article in Dawn. Unlike your illiterate mother, my mother is an accountant and does not swab floors for a living.

          • Language please… if I’m not wrong they have already gained access to NADRA database (illegally). How HITIT system is secure? I guess PIA’s problem is something else

        • You can say what you have to say without resorting to rudeness. Rasoolallah [SAW] was never rude. Now go and play in your sandbox, O retarded one!
          PS the part of FBI/CIA was from an article in Dawn. Unlike your illiterate mother, my mother is an accountant and does not swab floors for a living.

      • Bhai what a stupid logic…!!! Why are you using Google (android) and iPhone.. These are also US based companies.. think twice before posting..

      • If a comparison is to be made between Sabre and HITIT, a prominent difference will be found as the Sabre system is in use by over 100 five star airlines around the world whereas HITIT is used by only a couple of airlines, now including PIA. The Sabre system is connected to fibre-optic and is linked through satellite for backup purposes in case of emergency or the system shuts down abruptly.

  • I don’t understand what agenda propakistani has. It is very evident from the crap they post that they are more into money making than providing actual / meaningful information.

    The rise of clickbaits on propakistani shows the level to which it has stooped to. This is yellow journalism (if what they think they do is journalism).

    HITIT (read as HIT IT) is not part of Turkish Airlines. The people who founded hitit were previously part of Turkish Airlines.

    PIA is using this web based system in order to reduce distribution costs, which might result in lower sales since the workflow is no longer integrated. No to mention the chaos that is at PIA booking offices around the country, at airports and at user premises.

    This kind of migration takes a while, typically upto 12 months for a smooth transition.

    The implementation was abrupt, not at all planned and no consideration for the end traveller.

    On the other hand propakistani has failed to disclose what kind of bugs are there in the Sabre system.

    I am sending copy of this bullshit to Sabre to initiate legal action against propakistani which has been accusing sabre without any merit.

      • hahaha..

        I just read THE NATION. check below:

        THE NATION

        HEADLINE: PIA’s new reservation system creates multiple problems

        LAHORE – If you get a chance to visit PIA website, first thing you will encounter is a message from PIA, “Dear valued PIA ‘travellers’, in order to ‘provide you a better service’, we are switching to a new modern system after 17 years. We are expecting a smooth transition. However, if there are any problems ‘effecting’ your travel, please contact our hotline. Any inconvenience is ‘regreted’.”

        If one looks at the above message carefully, there are three spelling mistakes (traveler, effecting & regreted). The message also missed the word ‘to’ after ‘provide’ or ‘with’ before a better service. It took PIA 17 years to change a reservation system and now when it is changed, passengers, travel agents and even PIA staffers are in a fix.

  • Dear Sabre subscriber,

    For over 16 years, Sabre has maintained a successful partnership with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), providing preferred global distribution services (GDS) and hosting several of the airline’s internal solutions, including its passenger service solution (PSS). Regrettably, over the past several months, Sabre has been embroiled in an unavoidable legal dispute with PIA over the circumstances surrounding PIA’s tender process. Now, Sabre understands PIA plans to cut over to its new provider on Wednesday, September 12 at 12:00 a.m. in Pakistan. PIA and their new provider have not allowed for the necessary planning required for a successful PSS cutover to take place, and for access to PIA content to remain available on the Sabre GDS.

    In the past few weeks the airline’s CEO, CFO, and COO have each been removed from office. The Pakistani Secretary of Aviation has been appointed as the new Chairman/Interim CEO, and we are hopeful of constructive engagement with him. Sabre has used, and continues to use, all other offices available to us to communicate to PIA that an unplanned cutover will be damaging to the airline and the travelling public. A complex PSS migration requires careful planning and execution to minimize airline disruption, and a successful PSS migration can take up to one year; nonetheless, PIA has not yet engaged Sabre’s migration services. We are providing this information because Sabre is extremely concerned about the consequences a failed PSS cutover could have on our partners and their business.

    Yours faithfully,

    / Roshan Mendis
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Sabre Travel Network

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