Glitches in PIA’s New Reservation System are Causing Problems for Everyone

Pakistan International Airlines‘ (PIA) website just switched to a “new modern system” after 17 years. The management announced yesterday that HITIT had fully replaced Sabre airline and passenger management system. With this step, the airline aims to increase its online revenues through a more modern and robust reservation system.

The management has already transitioned to the new system, though the CEO of PIA hinted that there might be some bugs and errors initially and requested passengers to patiently reports any issues they find. A special notice on PIA’s website reads,

After 17 years, in order to provide you a better service, we are switching to a new modern system.

We are expecting a smooth transition. However, if there are any problems affecting your travel, please contact our hotline. Any inconvenience is regretted.

Pakistan International Airlines

According to some travel agents, the system is already facing issues. A report says that the new website has a number of bugs for some people, there’s no way to check booking information, and sometimes it fails to check seat availability. Other than that, consistent system crashes were also observed.

The agents cannot book on the new system; PNRs are being developed on Travelport/Gellaleo (another reservation system); CRC is unable to overbook flights; PHS is issuing manual boarding cards due to unavailability of the new system; stations abroad are having problems even in affixing signatures in the new system.

It might take some time before the new system stabilizes. These days, it is almost essential for a company or service to have useful and customer focused websites, as well as a functioning and robust back-end system software applications. The first thing most users and customers do before interacting with a company is visiting its website.

PIA should have properly tested the system before rolling it out for the public. Once again, a small mistake is resulting in negative publicity for the national flag carrier.

Image Source: PIA

  • Dear Sabre subscriber,

    For over 16 years, Sabre has maintained a successful partnership with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), providing preferred global distribution services (GDS) and hosting several of the airline’s internal solutions, including its passenger service solution (PSS). Regrettably, over the past several months, Sabre has been embroiled in an unavoidable legal dispute with PIA over the circumstances surrounding PIA’s tender process. Now, Sabre understands PIA plans to cut over to its new provider on Wednesday, September 12 at 12:00 a.m. in Pakistan. PIA and their new provider have not allowed for the necessary planning required for a successful PSS cutover to take place, and for access to PIA content to remain available on the Sabre GDS.

    In the past few weeks the airline’s CEO, CFO, and COO have each been removed from office. The Pakistani Secretary of Aviation has been appointed as the new Chairman/Interim CEO, and we are hopeful of constructive engagement with him. Sabre has used, and continues to use, all other offices available to us to communicate to PIA that an unplanned cutover will be damaging to the airline and the travelling public. A complex PSS migration requires careful planning and execution to minimize airline disruption, and a successful PSS migration can take up to one year; nonetheless, PIA has not yet engaged Sabre’s migration services. We are providing this information because Sabre is extremely concerned about the consequences a failed PSS cutover could have on our partners and their business.

    Yours faithfully,

    / Roshan Mendis
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Sabre Travel Network

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