Sui Northern and Sui Southern to Provide 1 Million New Gas Connections This Year

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and SSGCL will provide over one million new gas connections in their respective areas during the fiscal year 2018-19.

“Both the companies have planned to add 1,121,295 new connections and lay 12,898 km of transmission and distribution pipelines in their respective networks,” stated official sources.

“The companies have so far gasified around 231 villages and towns in their respective areas during the current fiscal year. During the period, the two utility companies have laid approximately 328-kilometer gas transmission network, 8,861 km distribution and 1,216 km service lines for gasification of the villages,’’ official sources told the media.


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Replying to another question, they said, the companies had invested Rs 1,351 million on transmission projects, Rs 10,202 million on distribution projects and Rs 11,198 million on other projects bringing the total investment to about Rs 22,751 million.

Besides, the companies provided 428,282 additional gas connections including 426,721 domestic, 1,519 commercial and 42 Industrial in their respective areas across the country.

They said Pakistan had an extensive gas network of over 12,829 km transmission, 132,065 km distribution and 34,631 services gas pipelines to cater the requirement of more than 8.9 million consumers across the country.

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