Master Motors Launches Changan M9 and Karvaan in Pakistan

Master Motors has finally revealed prices for its two newly-launched Changan vehicles in Pakistan.

The two new vehicles, M9 and Karvaan, are priced at Rs. 919,000 and Rs. 999,000 respectively. They have already been delivered to dealerships in Lahore and Karachi, so you will be able to book one for yourself soon.

Karvaan, MPV
Karvaan, MPV

M9 is a pickup truck while the Karvaan is a family-sized MPV. Both vehicles have a 1,000cc engine with a 5-speed gearbox. The vehicles can manage 68 hp of power and 92 Nm torque.

These vehicles come from Changan, the oldest car manufacturing company in China, that recently announced its entry into Pakistan via Master Motors.

CX70 SUV Also Launching

Master Motors says that Changan vehicles are cheap and have the same good features that are typically found in expensive Japanese vehicles. Other than that, the number of brands entering Pakistan will diversify the market, leading to more competition and more choices for buyers.

Earlier this month, Master Motors said that it would be launching three new vehicles by September 15, however, it has only revealed prices for two of them as of yet.

A Changan SUV will also launch in the future, called CX70. According to the company, CX70 will have the same price as a sedan sold in Pakistan, so we might get to see some great vehicles on our streets in the future. Here’s what it looks like:

Red CX70 SUV

Needless to say, it’s a pretty good-looking SUV, and it will definitely get popular if it gets priced decently. Informed sources say that it will hit the roads in 2020.

Master Motors’ CEO says that the company is focused on delivering cheap but effective solutions to the country’s auto market. Master Motors is among the several local companies that invested in the auto industry after auto policy changes.

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