Google Photos Will Now Let You Add Bokeh & Blur Effects

In case you happen to be one of the millions of people who own phones without dual-cameras, Google may have your back when it comes to a trademark feature of these camera setups: bokeh mode.

The Mountain-View based company is testing a new feature that will allow users to manually edit their photos so that their backgrounds can be blurred, via the built-in Photos app. The feature is visible when you begin editing a photo using the available tools.

Via Android Police

It comes with a slider to help you choose the ideal level of blur. The tools have already begun arriving some users, though, it remains to be seen when the widespread rollout starts. It is reported that the feature still needs some ironing out before it can be ready for final release.

Bokeh mode is not the only feature Google is planning on bringing to the Photos app, with Color Pop effect also set to arrive soon. The feature was announced all the way back at Google I/O event in May this year.

Its functionality is somewhat similar, in that it allows you to retain the color of the focused object, while fading out the rest of the photo. It is available under the editing tools of the app.

The feature will allow users who don’t have dual camera phones so that they have easier access to the feature. While there are still other ways to get the filter, the Photos app will reach a much larger audience.

Via Android Police

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