Google Improves Maps to Make Your Daily Work Commute Better

Google has announced an update for Google Maps on Android and iOS, to hopefully improve travel times and help you organize your trips better.

The new features are going to make the commute easier and smoother as they focus on commuting, music, and a personalized experience for you.

Even now, Google Maps has made lives easier as it comes handy for road trips and vacation to unfamiliar places. With the new update, the app is going to help with stressful commutes as well.

Commute Tab: Know Before You Go

As Google puts it, ‘you know before you go’ with the new Commute Tab. After you set your home and work address, you’ll now know the time required to reach your destination and the alternative routes, if any. It will also provide access to live traffic and transit details as per your commute.

Google Maps Commute Tab

It is similar to Waze’s ETA screen and keeps you informed whether the travel is going to be faster or slower or whether it will complete in 30 minutes or an hour.

On Android, the app will also notify you about the delays and disruptions on your route. In this way, you will know about any undesired circumstances beforehand.

Moreover, if you use public transport to go to work, Google Maps will guide you when to leave. The app also considers whether you walk or drive to the station.


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Commuting through Public Transit

Google Maps Commute Tab

These public transit features are similar to Citymapper and apparently, rely on open data. In the case of public transit, you can also see the bus or train on the map, moving closer to you. It will also update you regarding the estimated time of arrival.

Google Maps Public Transport

This feature is going to be available in 80 regions across the globe. It will even tell you how full the bus will be in Sydney.

Rock Out With Your Eyes on Road

Google Maps Music Controls

Not only does the app make your commute seamless, but it also wants you to enjoy it. Now, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music will be available on Google Maps. Now, you can control your podcasts and tunes from Google Maps navigation. You won’t have to switch apps when navigating on Google Maps.

Comes With a Caveat

Nonetheless, this update comes at a price, which is privacy. Currently, you can link your home and work address with your Google Account in Google Maps without letting the app log your activity.

But with the new update, you will need to activate ‘web & app activity’.

Goodle Maps add a label

This is a notorious privacy-infringing setting, which enables Google to collect your search history, your location, your Chrome browsing history, your credit card purchases, and so on.

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Via TechCrunch

  • Google map tells you where you parked your car! Is it a new feature or old? I noticed recently.

  • The day Google Maps starts to show as much detail as Waze does regarding Cameras or Obstructions on road, or Speed Limits, will be the day i will truly recognize this app as the greatest navigation app available.
    Recently, GMaps have been improving at a steady rate, but most of their changes are either visual or too tiny to notice.

      • I own Sygic World and have been using it every since it came out.
        Google Maps is going in a different direction, and offering a richer experience which isn’t just limited to Navigation. Besides, the level of detail in Gmaps is much higher than any other maps to date.

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