RMIT Designs a New Font That Can Improve Your Memory

Do you need to cram the dates, names of historic places or figures over and over again? The Sans Forgetica font can help you with that. This tried and tested font can help you remember what you read, unlike conventional fonts.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia has designed the font in collaboration with the creative agency Naked. The researchers at the institute have employed the principles of cognitive psychology while developing this font.

Both typographic design specialists and psychologists put their heads together to come up with this one-of-a-kind memory boosting font that combines special design principles and psychological theory to enhance memory retention.

Sans Forgetica is a sans serif style typeface with unique features. The unconventional thing about the font is that it is slanted to the left and contains holes.

Both features help you use your ‘deeper cognitive processing’ and thus improve retention of written information.

The holes in each letter make it hard to read the words. The phenomenon employed here is ‘desirable difficulty’ and helps you linger on the information a little longer.


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As mentioned earlier, the font has undergone a test run. 400 students were tasked in a laboratory and online to read a piece of information in different fonts. Students exhibited the highest retention of information in Sans Forgetica.

The experts who helped design the font say that Sans Forgetica performed the best because it managed to break the design principles without becoming incomprehensible.

Its makers believe that its applications will go beyond studying. It can also help to remember things in people’s personal lives, such as to-do lists and adverts.

However, one of the researchers states that the font is ideal to use for memorizing selective information. One cannot write an entire novel in it, he says.

Via CNet 

Image Credits: The Guardian