You Can Now Use Proper Urdu Font in Apple iOS 11

Good news for Urdu literature enthusiasts from Apple Inc.

Apple has released the latest iOS 11 update for its mobile devices and they come with a bunch of pretty nifty features, especially if you love reading and writing in Urdu on your mobile screen.

Apple Introduces the Nastaliq Urdu Font for Its Keyboard

Starting from iOS11, Apple is introducing Nastaliq font keyboard for Urdu. Nastaliq is one of the most widely used fonts by Urdu publishers here in Pakistan, and its inclusion is sure to please many readers here.

Here’s how it looks in action:

So how did this font find its way to iOS 11? The introduction of this Urdu font for Apple’s mobile keyboard has largely being made possible due to the efforts of of Urdu literature enthusiast Muddasir Azeemi who is currently working at Silicon Valley.

This Urdu script is one of the most complex fonts in the digital world, so Mr. Azeemi’s efforts have been no small feat in this regard.

How to Enable This Urdu Font in iOS11

Here are the instructions to get cracking with the new Nastaleeq Urdu font in iOs11 in no time:

  • Got to ‘Settings> General> Language & Region
  • Tap on ‘Other Languages’
  • You can now search for ‘Urdu’ and select it as your preferred font. Press ‘Done’ on top right corner to confirm your changes.
  • Protip: If you want to keep using English for system menus, select ‘Prefer English’ in the next screen.

And you’re done!

Here’s how your previous Urdu font looked at:

And here’s the new one:

Pretty great on the eyes don’t you think?

Other New Features

The new iOS 11 update debuted side by side with three new phones that Apple launched earlier this month – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and a $1000 iPhone X to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the first iPhone launch.

Many new features are being introduced in iOS 11 including interface updates and other quality of life changes.

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Changes include support for Augmented Reality with the new AR Kit, a redesigned App Store and control center with simplified controls and more.

Credits – Mudassir Azeemi

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  • I’m loving it since it was introduced in Beta iOS 11 back in June.

    Nastaliq makes Urdu reading easy and writing, a fun.

  • Good to see the enthusiasm, friends! Keep it up. If you find any bug, please do let me know. If you have a Apple developer’s account, please go ahead and file the bugs related to Nataleeq. Else let me know I will be happy to help you with that.

  • This is a great option but it also deshpaes arabic typeface to nastaleeq. any way to keep arabic and urdu in different styles?

  • close