Huawei’s Watch GT Can Last a Couple of Weeks

Launched alongside the Mate 20 lineup, Watch GT is Huawei’s latest smartwatch, with an improved battery life and the company’s own new operating system called Lite OS.

Android Wear is used in most popular smartwatches, even used by Samsung in its Galaxy Watch series, as well as Xiaomi for its Amazfit watches.

New OS, 30 Days Battery Life, & More

Google’s Android Wear OS is based on Java, just like the original Android OS for smartphones. Huawei is changing things for the Watch GT.

The company has created its own open-source OS, called Lite OS which runs JavaScript instead, and comes with a basic, uncluttered interface to save battery and improve performance.

The OS does not have any third-party apps and runs much like classic Android Wear. You have the option to change watch faces but you cannot customize the UI or theme to your liking, unlike other smartwatches. The software is completely uncluttered and focuses mainly on the essential features to keep the watch running.

In addition to having all the new-age smartwatch features, WatchGT has an impressive battery life of 30 days – based on official figures, this battery life is achieved when continuous heart rate monitor and GPS are kept turned off.

With heart rate monitoring switched on, the watch lasts almost two weeks, which is still impressive.

Design, Price, & Other Features

Design-wise, the body style resembles most classic mechanical watches. It looks pretty cool for a new-age fitness tracker and should blend well in day-to-day use. It has a 1.39-inch 450 x 450 resolution OLED display.  It’s slim too, with just 10.6mm width.

Inside, Watch GT has all the essential trackers, including a heart rate monitor and a new tri-GPS system. The OS, even though its extremely light, still comes packed with a host of AI features, that work with the sensors for more accurate reading. It can recognize 4 different types of swimming strokes and has outdoor sensors for climbing.

You can also use it with Huawei’s Health Assistant app to record your workouts and other routine items.

Watch GT has been priced at a hefty €199 (~Rs. 30,000).

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