The Many Flavors of China: A Short Look at Oriental Cuisine [Photos]

Mooncake is a traditional Chinese delicacy which tastes like a pastry that hasn’t been in the oven just yet.
Selection of desserts is quite limited in China and often they’re wildly different from those in Pakistan. For example, these sweet and sticky rice serve as dessert in some regions.
Steamed beef wrapped in lotus leaves. This beef melted in the mouth and one of the best things I tried in China – hands down. Dip it in the spicy sauce for an extra dimension to the flavor!
Chicken dishes in China stand out when combined with the various sauces served alongside them. This dish came with a slightly sweet egg yolk dip.
This catfish soup is called “Buddha jumps over the wall”.
Another dessert that simply does not compare to the ones we have in Pakistan. Lack of a strong flavor and sweetness seems to be a recurring theme here.
Crab balls are probably the only seafood item a ‘desi’ would have no issue eating a lot of in China.
You are supposed to pick out the chicken from between the spices with chopsticks. Don’t ask me how I learned this lesson.
Mollusks. And yes, there’s a goldfish swimming the plate next to the bowl. Instagram worthy dish!
This steak tasted just as good as it looked.

Sweet and succulent duck.


1 – All photos shot on the Huawei Mate 10.

2- This story was produced in partnership with Huawei, who sponsored a trip to China for select Pakistani journalists

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