Careem, Uber Going to be Closed in Sindh? Minister Reveals Strategy

Sindh Transport Department has decided to regulate the app-based ride-hailing services including Careem and Uber.

Sindh Transport Minister Owais Shah clarified the perception about closing down the ride-hailing services in the province is unfounded and baseless.  All app-based ride-hailing services will be regulated by bringing them under a legal framework.

All the services are required to get them registered with the Transport Department within seven days so that these can be regulated, the minister said.

The Minister said the reports about the closure of the online taxi services are based on hearsay, adding the government has decided to bring them under a legal framework.


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He made it clear that no online taxi service operating in the province illegally will be allowed.  He said the government is striving to provide a safe and comfortable mode of travel to the people of the province.

Earlier in the day, media reported that the Sindh government is considering banning Uber and Careem in the province after the companies failed to comply with a Memorandum of Understanding signed three years ago.

In a meeting with transport officials, Provincial Minister for Transport and Mass Transit Awais Shah has warned that Uber and Careem must take route permits from the Sindh government within seven days to avoid being banned in the province.

It is to be mentioned here that last year the Punjab government also tried to ban Careem, Uber and other ride-hailing services operating in the province.


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The pretext given by the provincial government for the attempted ban was that the services were operating in the province without registering them with any regulatory body. However, later on, the issue was resolved.

An Uber spokesperson said:

Sindh Government has been supportive of disruptive technologies in recent years and we appreciate the role they have played in providing masses a more convenient and affordable mode of transport along with creating numerous economic opportunities. We are looking forward to working with the Sindh Government to address their concerns.

According to a spokesperson from Careem:

“Careem’s services are running as normal across Pakistan, providing our customers with safe, affordable and comfortable rides. Careem is committed to helping create 1 million jobs in Pakistan by 31 Dec 2020. As a local company, we remain engaged with the respective governments of all provinces for the finalization of frameworks which will not only govern ride-hailing specifically but online marketplaces in general.

Our Captains and Customers are the most important members of the Careem family and we thank them for their continuous love and support.”

    • Speak foryour self.
      Read the article first.
      “All the services are required to get them registered with the Transport Department within seven days so that these can be regulated, the minister said.”

      • Just read his comments on different form, he almost on every form criticized Pakistan. Looks like an Indian Muslim to me.

  • How are the public buses in Sindh safe and comfortable? Yet they want to ban “illegal” transport services? What a bunch of hypocrites. They want bribes from Careem and Uber, plain and simple.

    • The public buses help reduce population growth with their reckless driving. Careem and uber are far too safe and comfortable.

      • If you think Sindh government is doing this to regulate Uber and Careem then I can sell you the Buckingham Palace for a truly low price of $10,000. Would you like to own the most expensive home in the world?

        Ride hailing services should be regulated, but not by provincial government where each provincial government can extort them in the name of regulation. Federal government needs to step up and regulate these services once and for all.

        • I agree about your point that such things should be governed by Fedral Govt. on a national level. But then the education system needs to do the same.
          Sadly, the current system in Pakistan needs to change drastically to implement such things.
          For these ride hailing services, it’s going to happen all over Pakistan sooner or later. Because someone has to be held accountable for any mishap done by these companies, or their representatives/workers. And let’s admit it, we have seen some really heinous incidents in past couple of months concerning these ride hailing services.

  • Out of all the past and present governments, mine most favourite is ppp’s sindh govt . No direction no policy . Mast mahol , lutto phutto . Elections pe jiye bhutto bibi ka beta bilawal . I like it hahaha


  • Oh yes ban more new technologies! That’ll really show the world this is a good investment destination. Really give a boost to the IT sector!

    • “All the services are required to get them registered with the Transport Department within seven days so that these can be regulated, the minister said.”

  • Imran khan ka yehi kehna hai mushkil wqt hai, jab 80% public mar chuki hogi tab laogey tabdeeli? Foolish statement! looser Governance!

  • Poor guys they have clarified –

    “All app-based ride-hailing services will be regulated by bringing them under a legal framework”

    Does this mean closing?

    • Our awaam is just bad. These days social media has boosted brainless share-button clicks without reading or checking authenticity of any news. Like handing weapons in hands of children. Our TV media is no different. Hota kuch ha. Headline kuch hoti hay.

    • Uber/Careem is already regulated in multiple countries. You should search Google about it if you’re not sure. Even in Europe, they are now under more regulations. In middle east, they can’t even function without taking proper license first.

  • Our Media has Public BOTH have lost their minds. So much that they would spread BS/Madeup news like fire, without checking the detail, or authenticity. This is preposterous for our nation and EXACTLY WHY i would want (all kinds) of Media to be regulated, with this so called “free speech” be put on a leash.

    Sindh Govt have talked about making such services “Legal” i.e. to get them Registered under Govt., which makes sense because this way they can take better action against those who abuse such services. In other countries, these Uber/Careem etc have to take proper license to operate, so i wonder why it’s not possible in Pakistan.

  • I’m with Sindh government on this. Just check the GCC countries, for example in Saudi Arabia an expatriate can not just registered his own car and drive for Uber or Careem unless he has Public Transportation Driving licence and work under a registered transport company. Only Saudi citizen can just go and registered their car in Careem and Uber. Same in UAE. So if Sindh government want them under legal framework them what’s wrong in it?

  • kiya local taxi, riksha registered hotey hein … aur kiya wo legal framwork mein atey hein…. kiya wo safe and comfortable hyn….

    to phir kiooon……….

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