Mountain Dew Gamers Arena Just Kicked Off Its First CS:GO Qualifier in Lahore!

If you walked in to the Portal gaming center in Lahore this weekend, here’s what you’d have seen: teams of video gamers in dark rooms huddled over brightly lit PCs, bathed in Mountain Dew’s signature neon green glow.

Gamers aren’t a physically expressive bunch at most times, but one look at their action-packed screens and you’d understand the passion that they put into their game. And in those digital arenas, you’d hear them first before you even saw them. After all, communication between teams is the key to survival. And loud and efficient communication is what helped Portal Esports win Mountain Dew’s first Lahore qualifier for CS:GO!

And what a qualifier it was!

#DewGamersArena – A Platform for Competitive Gamers

Mountain Dew has yet again opened up another platform for its fans in Pakistan. Dew Gamers Arena has proven itself by bringing back PC gamers together. This weekend saw all DGA gamers being excited, passionate and loud!

Dew has not only brought a new platform for gamers, but has also started uniting all the talented gamers in the country! With one qualifier successfully under their belt, let’s see what other epic activities Dew has in store for the future.

With more qualifiers in their future, team Portal Esports were excited, nervous and zipping with adrenaline. E-portal sports played with 31 other teams from Lahore, in 4 grueling matches and claimed the cup for CS:GO Lahore Qualifiers.

The gamers pushed through, using Mountain Dew as essential game fuel and secured their win. Their captain Zaki Nasir, a.k.a. Killnt, said he’s unbelievably thankful to Dew for giving his team the opportunity they got.

“This platform could change the face of gaming in Pakistan,” – Zaki ‘Killnt’ Nasir

Portal Esports will now be competing in the grand finale with the winners of qualifiers from Karachi, Islamabad and rest of Pakistan.

The next Lahore DGA qualifier will be of Dota! Have you registered yet? #AreYouGame

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