Win Upto $50,000 With Xiaomi Photography Challenge

Xiaomi’s annual Photography Challenge is back this year and brings you prizes worth USD 50,000.

Just like before, you’re required to snap and edit photos using a Xiaomi mobile device, otherwise the photos won’t qualify. When uploading photos you can select a category related to the kind of photos you want to submit.

There are four categories in total:

  1. Natural look includes People, Selfies, and Portraits.
  2. Piece of the world participants will shoot Nature, Cities, Still Life, and Travel.
  3. Dreamscape is all about Night scenes, Low-light Photos, and Shadows.
  4. Why so serious includes photos that show Lifestyle, Humor, and New Perspectives.

Event Details

You can now start uploading photos to Xiaomi’s website, and the upload stage will end on November 22, so better get started now. Here are the complete details on what’ll happen at the competition:

  • Till November 22 (started October 25), you can upload photos to the event’s official page.
  • The page will guide you through selecting your category and registering an account.
  • Your account will also include contact details and other information.
  • If a photo gets “3 likes” or more, it’ll get qualified for the next stages in the competition.
  • After the upload stage ends, the Evaluation Stage will begin on November 26 during which photography professionals will review qualifying photos to narrow down the list to 100 finalists – 25 people per category.
  • At the end, the Voting Stage will begin on November 27, where users will be able to vote for the best photographs taken by the 100 finalists. Of course, you can visit the main event page to vote for your favorite photographs.


To get featured in the challenge you’re required to take your photos using a Xiaomi smartphone – any model. Do note that if you plan on editing your photo, that too must be done on your Xiaomi phone’s built-in photo editor, you can’t use any third-party app or platform.

Other requirements, that are necessary to enter the competition are:

  • You’re required to provide EXIF information with each photo.
  • Size of each photo should be between 300KB and 10MB.
  • A maximum of 6 photographs can be uploaded by a participant.
  • Images sent using unofficial means or after 25th of November will not be considered.
  • If your photo gets qualified to be part of the final top 100 list, you’ll be required to provide proof of purchasing your Xiaomi phone – the same one used to take the pictures – as well as some other information.
  • There’s no registration fee, however, you are required to agree with the event’s terms and conditions to take part.


There are three total prizes, that will be given to different participants. The judges will select one participant, out of a total of 25 in each category to award a USD 10,000 prize.

Another USD 2,000 will be awarded to second place winners in each category. Finally, third position holders will get a USD 500 prize, after getting voted and selected by the event’s judges.

Read more about the event and its terms and conditions here.