Education Minister Contacts FIA to Apprehend People Impersonating Him

Minister for Education & Professional Training, Shafqat Mehmood, has approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to register a case against individuals making fake calls by impersonating the Federal Education Minister.

According to an official statement, Mehmood has informed the FIA to register a case against individuals making fake calls by impersonating as the federal minister.

It has been found that many calls have been made in AJK and in the educational institutions in Lahore claiming to be from the education minister and asking for various favors.

The minister also informed government offices, its attached departments and the general public through an official statement that anyone impersonating or making calls as the education minister must be immediately reported to the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and to the FIA.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has decided to auction all of its 150 non-functional vehicles.

A detailed presentation on official vehicles of Ministry of Education and its attached organizations was given to the Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training on Friday.

After the presentation, Federal Minister Shafqat Mahmood decided that all the non-functional vehicles that have completed their life and are not road-worthy and should be auctioned off after meeting all codal formalities and observance of rules to the subject.