Honor Celebrates 10,000 8X Sales With a Concert in Lahore

The Honor 8X Beyond Limits Tour started off on the 27th of October at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore. The event was held to celebrate 10,000 Honor 8X customers.

Right from the start, Honor fans started coming in the thousands, to celebrate this achievement and witness the performance of Honor’s Youth Ambassador Asim Azhar.

The event started at 7 pm and people from all age groups attended. The Honor officials congratulated everyone on the success of their newest device, which was received with a round of applause.

After the celebration ceremony, the talented “21 the band” started the concert and gave a wonderful performance. The momentum was built and people were anxiously waiting for the moment that Asim would go up on stage.

Finally, the moment came when Asim appeared and the crowd went wild – everyone was up on their feet. He sang his own songs and a few fan favorites. Everyone started chanting along with his magical and mesmerizing voice. It was a sight to see. He closed the show with a Beyond Limits Selfie with the crowd that was a memorable moment for all.

The Lahore concert was just the beginning of Beyond Limits Tour. Now Honor is looking forward to continuing its journey with a series of such events. Excited to see which city they will announce.

  • That “Right from the start, Honor fans started coming in the thousands” crowd is so much “visible” in the selfie :D:D

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