Waqt News Fires All Staff and Stops Operations

In a sudden move, Waqt News has sacked 200 hundred employees, including anchorpersons, reporters, sub-editors, producers and cameramen, who worked for the satellite TV channel of Nawa-e-Waqt group. 40 of these employees belonged to the Islamabad office.

The sudden dismissal has taken the employees by surprise. They claim that the way they were shown the door was completely unethical and a first in Pakistani media’s history.

The company’s most senior top-rated anchor, Mattiullah Jan, was given the boot a few weeks ago “after giving in to the alleged pressure from the establishment.”


HBL Staff Demand Reinstatement of Fired Employees

According to sources, about a week ago, the Media Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Rameeza Majid Nizami, called an “exclusive meeting” with all the senior anchors of the channel and informed them about shutting down the TV channel. The sources also told that she did not take other employees on board before issuing them the termination notices.

So far, the Nawa-e-Waqt group has restricted itself to a web channel and some linear editors and web desk.

Sources also claim that the employees, who signed a formal contract with the channel, were offered one month of extra salary whereas the daily wage workers and lower-tier staff were terminated without any incentive. The remaining employees would only be paid their pending salary for the month of September and October.

A senior official of the media group stated that Rameeza Majid Nizami, due to the deteriorating financial conditions, had to sell her bungalow in Islamabad in order to clear out her dues for the terminated employees and to meet the running expenditures of The Nation and Nawa-e-Waqt newspapers.

One of the employees also claimed that the delay in salary had become a routine at the channel and the workers didn’t receive any raises during the past three years.

    • lol why do you blame govt for that? as Basit147 said above if a tv channel can not sustain without govt ads (as bribes) it is better to close it.

    • Typical patwari thinking – Nawa e Waqat group was surviving only because of N League Govt funds / ads. Nawa e Waqat group is pro Nawaz media group and everyone knows that. Now patwaris are disturbed over its closure.

      • stop nonsense. i m neutral guy and your govt is nothing different. you were preaching 42 billion corruption for pindi metro and now consuming 79 billion on peshawar metro its still not completed. your govt is appeasing all the jokers like sheikh rasheed, khalid maqbool siddiqui, pervez khattak etc. History will decide.

        • Read scams of your corrupt Sharifs every day. New corruption of 53 billions discovered, now in the Lahore waste management. You are not tired of reading those scandals?? Patwaris will remain patwaris no matter what happens to this country.

  • Mil-tablishment is obviously and blatantly up to shut down three big print and media houses namely Dawn, Jang/Geo and Nawa-e-Waqt just because they are hard to censor unlike others. It’s an open secret now.
    E.g. no other but Dawn has the guts to report any news, true and unbiased, going against Fauj or Malik Riaz and it always stands by it.
    Fauji-led and installed PTI govt. will do nothing but what Fauji bhai log dictate them.

    • DAWN works for CIA, RAW. Read it with some common sense and you will find out. But patwaris have no common sense.

    • Even DAWN and GEO are biased against all Pakistan friendly initiatives. They openly support RAW and CIA initiatives.

  • @Anonymous & @Ali
    CIA and RAW card is old and failed now. Try some new excuse now dudes !
    All youthias and PTI wallas have nothing but lame excuses for their Donkey Raja Niazi and his delinquents’ wrongdoings and incompetencies.
    Pak Media is fully censored now, all the world is lamenting it, go see international media and find out yourself.
    MQM was made by Fauj and then dismantled saying that they got funding from RAW, bullshit !
    Same goes for some sectarian and religious outfits, terrorism etc.
    If saying truth and exposing traitors (like in Dawn leaks) is bias then I salute it, be it Dawn, Jang or Nawa i Waqt.
    BTW, I am not associated with Zardari group, Sharif gang or Traitor PTI

    • Patwari says he is not patwari. A low IQ patwari won’t be able to read the message between the lines. Read DAWN carefully and you will find out within one week.

  • @ Ali
    Ch ch ch… Traitor youthia denying shamelessly that he and his donkey raja/cocaine addict/ adulterer are not traitors of the nation…. LoL
    Chor machaye shor ke doosra chor hai woh khud nahin … Hahahaha !!!

    BTW, I am as bitter an opponent of Nawaz Gang as you might be…But I have impartial eyes and ears unlike you. Thus, I know very well who’s the true enemy / traitor of this nation, country and Islam since 1948 when they killed our Quaid-e-Azam.

    OTOH, it is typical for youthias and insafians to start trolling and personal attacks on whoever shows them a mirror since the imbecile insafians lack reason, evidence and logic in their arguments.

    I have fair enough pity for you dude and for others of your ilk ….
    Lagay raho munna bhai truck ki batti ke peechay …. Mujhe kiya ?….

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