Authorities Clear Byco in Oil Spill Case

The Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency (BEPA) recently visited Byco’s Single Point Mooring and Zero Point, and subsequent to its thorough investigations, BEPA has advised Byco to resume its sea fuelling operations with immediate effect as of 31 October 2018.

This comes in after the authorities established that absolutely no leakage or loss of containment occurred from any of Byco’s facilities, including the Single Point Mooring and associated pipeline, confirmed the company.


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According to the notice sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Friday, the company stated that,

Byco has been fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation and also fully supporting the clean-up operation of the beaches and coastline affected by the recent oil spill as our corporate social responsibility. Byco has continued its refining operations uninterruptedly.

“Byco is fully compliant with all relevant national and international safety standards and protocols and its facilities regularly undergo safety inspections by relevant authorities. There has been no leakage or loss of containment at any of Byco’s facilities”, said Shehryar Ahmad, GM & Head of Communications, Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited.

As part of its own investigation, Byco tested a sample of the oil found at the site and found it to be bunker oil, which is not produced at Byco’s refinery, nor at any other refinery in Pakistan. Bunker oil is used by ships as fuel and it is most likely that in this case the bunker oil was dumped by a ship being taken to Gadani for shipbreaking