University in KP Bans Male and Female Students from Sitting Together in Library

In another one of those head-scratching announcements made by educational institutions; this time the Khushal Khan University finds itself at the center of a controversy.

The university administration has passed orders to ban male and female students from sitting together in the central library, choosing instead to maintain strict segregation on the basis of their gender.

When asked about why they have banned mixed gatherings in all areas of the university, the university’s administration believes that doing so will curb an ‘inappropriate environment’ and maintain a culture of silence in their library.


Bahria University Wants Boys and Girls to Sit 6 Inches Apart at Its Premises

Following this order, the university administration will be earmarking a separate space for females. Anyone found to be violating the rule by being in a mixed gathering will be referred to the Chief Proctor for disciplinary action.

Here is the official notification regarding the ban on male-female gatherings in the Khushal Khan University., Karkak:

A Similar But Positive Move

Just recently, Directorate General of Sports also banned the presence of ‘notable’ men in sports functions across colleges in KP. The reason they gave was that some men used to take pictures via their cellphones and harass females over social media.

  • This is a great move. A lot of Parents may choose a specific institute solely because of non-existent co-education.
    It’s best to have them apart as long as they are at University premises. They are there for EDUCATION. Not to mingle together. So it makes sense to have such rules and regulations.

  • What is head scratching in it ProPK???
    What is that can’t be understood in library without sitting stting with the person of other gender??

  • What is head scratching in it ProPK???
    What is that can’t be understood in library without sitting with the person of other gender??

    • It’s explicitly stated that the reason was because they were making noise in library and male and female students were going there for chit chat.

      • Yes I read it all. ProPk called it head scratching decision. It seems ProPk is against male female segregation in study places. Thats why I asked why they can’t study without a person of other gender with them? What they study more when they are with a person or persons of another gender.

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