Urdu Newspaper Daily Ausaf to Launch Its TV Channel

Urdu language newspaper Daily Ausaf, a member of the Ausaf Group of newspapers is gearing up to launch its new TV channel in Pakistan. The newspaper is currently being published nationally as well as internationally from Islamabad, Multan, Lahore, Gilgit, Muzzafarabad, London and Frankfurt.

The Urdu daily claims that it is currently the leading paper in Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, NWFP, Southern Punjab and Potohar.

It also enjoys a wide readership in certain international regions. In the UK, it is a leading newspaper due to the local community that resides there, with 75% of them being of Kashmiri origin. The Daily Aukaf also enjoys success in Austria, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Greece by keeping local Pakistani residents there abreast of the latest developments in their native areas.

New TV Channel

Interestingly, the Daily Ausaf is hoping to cash in on some good press as it readies to launch its channel in the upcoming months. Ausaf’s social media has called on people to suggest a suitable and catchy name for its upcoming channel.

As part of its efforts to build up a good pre-launch buzz for its upcoming TV channel, the Daily Ausaf will be handing out prizes to the person whose suggestion becomes part of the channel name. Currently there’s no word on what the prize will be.


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The Daily Ausaf claims that its new channel will bring about a revolution in Pakistan’s media landscape. However, in light of dwindling revenues and challenges for current media channels in Pakistan, the Daily Aukaf will have its work cut out for it.


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