FIA Reports Massive Increase in Complaints of Online Theft From Bank Accounts

Questions are being raised continuously over the cybersecurity mechanism put in place by the local banks to ensure the safety of their account holders’ data following the recent events involving stealing of money from the accounts of bank customers after a security breach.

The cybersecurity of the banks and safety and security measures especially against online fraud and data theft is under the radars of different regulatory bodies including investigation agencies.

On Thursday, Muhammad Shoaib, the director of cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA),  has said the complaints of online stealing from the bank accounts have increased manifold within past few weeks.

The FIA cyber-crime chief further added that more than 1500 complaints have been received in this regard. The complaints have been received from across the country.

As per the details, people have been complaining about non-cooperation on the part of banks over the issue. Reportedly, people are complaining that banks are not providing any compensation against the stealing from their bank accounts.

The FIA chief said people are approaching the FIA because of alleged non-cooperation by the concerned banks. He said that the agency will hold a meeting with the State Bank in this regard.

Proposition for actions against the banks that failed to provide any compensation to the victims will also come under discussion. He underlined that it is the banks’ responsibility to protect the data and money of their clients.

FIA, SBP Disagree Over Data Breach Reports


FIA Official Says Data of ‘Almost All Pakistani Banks’ Was Hacked

Recently, the FIA cyber chief had revealed that data of almost all the banks in the country had been compromised in a security breach. He told the media that no bank had reported any such breach, the findings came from the agency’s own analysis.

He also confirmed that over 100 cases had been registered with the agency, which also made a number of arrests in this regard.

However, the State Bank of Pakistan refused any such claims in a press release issued on Tuesday evening. It stated, “SBP categorically rejects such reports. There is no evidence to this effect nor has this information been provided to the SBP by any bank or law enforcement agency.”