Imran Khan Bans Overseas Medical Treatment for Ministers and Govt Officials

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved a blanket ban on overseas medical treatment for cabinet ministers and other officials.

The decision was taken in a cabinet meeting on Thursday evening which bars all cabinet members, state ministers, advisers and assistants from going abroad for medical treatment on government’s expenses.

A notification has been issued in this regard which states that the ban also applies on federal secretaries and divisional in-charge(s) of different ministries.

This ban is a continuation of PTI government’s austerity drive which PM Imran hinted in his maiden speech after the electoral victory in 2018 general elections.

The Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary made similar announcements following the cabinet’s first meeting on August 24.


PM House to Auction Off Last Batch of Cars Next Week

Fawad had informed media that the government was going to take several austerity measures including the sale of excess number of vehicles in government offices, extending working hours in public offices, reducing the number of servants in PM house from 521 to just 5, turning the PM house into a university and barring ministers and government officials from foreign trips on public money.

He had also announced the government was curbing discretionary funds for the ministers while revealing that the PML-N government had used Rs 51 billion in discretionary funds in the last year alone.

He said the government would hold a detailed discussion in the parliament before releasing funds for any infrastructural project.

      • This is you guys hate imran khan so much that you don’t want anything good happens to be true from him. Actually you people are so self obsessed with your own interests and so scare that if Something good has happen you people will loose your argue that is ” Imran khan kuch nae kr sakta” . But remember you are the looser who were saying that imran khan can’t be the prime minister of pakistan. At least in his this life.

  • Great job PM. Imran Khan. Please enforce it. And start innovating the Pakistani medical field.

  • Next should be a ban of govt officials and beaurocracy to stop sending their kids to private schools. It will improve quality education

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