A Private School in Islamabad Denies Entry to a Niqab-Wearing Student

A niqab-wearing engineering student was reportedly barred from entering a function in a school in Islamabad. The girl was invited to the event by the school’s management.

As per details, an engineering student named Farwa Munir was invited at a function in a private school, Lahore Grammar School Islamabad Branch, but upon her arrival, she was refused entry into the function for she was wearing a niqab, a Twitter user posted on Tuesday.



This controversy caught the people’s eye on social media and was soon noticed by the Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari.

Mazari lamented the ‘shameful act’ by the school management and directed the concerned authority to look into the matter on an urgent basis.


Software House Asks Woman to Remove Hijab or Resign

Mazari tweeted on the matter, urging the federal education minister to take notice of the issue.


Software House Asks Woman to Remove Hijab or Resign

This is not the first time such an event has happened in a country which was created in the name of Islam. Previously, a hijab-wearing girl was sacked on the second day of her job in a software house in Karachi due to her appearance.

It was the social media uproar which made the software house sack its HR manager for the act and reverse its decision.

Here is what Farwa Munir has to say about the incident:

  • You can’t learn or interact with others properly with your face covered. It’s not about appearance but the ability to be identified. Yes IDs are there but how hard is it to get a fake ID. We need to understand this thing a little more and from a different perspective. Yes, my opinion is not popular but just stating the facts.

    • Partly agree! Yes for security purpose if required she should reveal her face , but in other situations its all her choice

        • What happens if one isnt using a full face veil? Please enlighten.
          You are simply saying that one should use veil so long as it helps her hide her identity. Why would a female need to hide her identity? I am sure her phone number or address etc isnt written on her face.
          You know like everyone else does, that nothing tickles the fancy of a *** guy more than a ba-pardah khatoon. Your argument falls flat on its face, miserably. So, why exactly is a veil necessary only in public place?

          • Hold your horses there. I never said anything like this. You’re the one who’s taking things out of context here.

            Veil is for modesty, not ‘hiding their identity’. Due to multiple historical events, full faced veil is looked down in many places, with many considering it a security threat. In such cases, women can still choose to be modest, WITHOUT covering their face with a full face veil.

            Still, if women choose to wear them, it’s their right. And i have no problem with that. Except, when they are at work.THAT’s where it may be an issue. Just like a dress code, they don’t have to wear jeans or explicit clothes, but they have a choice to drop the full face veil and replace it with a modest scraf+abaya combo. It’s about the choice women opt for in such scenarios.

            Many won’t let someone covering their face with a full veil won’t let them enter in the premises, and many are just uncomfortable when they can’t see the face of the person (e.g. when working in offices).

            As for your saying that some guys are still going to mess with them, you can’t be 100% safe when you’re out there. So veil or no veil, it’s not even a matter of argument in such scenarios. Covering themselves fully will still help them A LOT, than not covering them at all.

            In simple terms, do whatever you want. But when there is no choice, try to adapt with some changes. And if they think these changes are still against their beliefs, they must have the option to let it go and move on.

    • THIS. Your opinion may not be popular because it’s logical.
      My own sisters wear a full face veil but only when they’re walking in public. One of them is a teacher and she doesn’t use full face veil when she’s delivering her lecture in her class, and the college/university doesn’t have any problem with it.

      • Thats blatant stereotyping. You are saying that male members of public in public spaces are all douches? Its hypocrisy actually. One must lose the veil altogether, or observe it regularly.
        Even school kids harass teachers, and do things londaas do in public places.
        You must have seen boys doing what guys do – in school, college and even university – not only locally, but also abroad. Please dont kid yourself. I am sure you know exactly what am i talking about. Females are equally unsafe everywhere. Period.

        I was talking to an Indian once. He said, i dont care if someone is raping my daughter in his own mind. I am not going to let my daughter use a veil and make a spectacle of herself. I disagree with him for different reasons, but in this context, he has had a point to make and sure he did.

        • That’s like saying, if i put a lock at my house door … it’s because everyone out there is a burglar. Similarly, adapting to changes is a natural thing. If you’re sick, would you kill yourself by saying that i can’t live the life fully so it’s best to die instead? What kind of logics are you even playing with here? I’m not even sure how to answer your rest of the … complaints.

    • Wow. What a poor logic? Is it not possible for a female security to verify her identity? Wasn’t she an invited guest?

    • Just because someone can’t see a person’s face so that person must appease him or her by removing one’s veil? So, what you are essentially saying is that we must let others dictate to us on what to wear and what to not wear. So much of extremist ideology of liberal extreme. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or break any law, your argument serves no meaning. So when you come across somebody wearing black glasses, they should not be allowed because you can’t see their eyes and the upper half-face which is important to understand their facial expressions completely. I would focus on words only because feelings are not always correct because you can’t tell for sure what’s in the heart or on the mind of a person!

  • And with all the bandwagon religious opinions, can anyone tell me how do we identify her for security reasons?

      • This is their choice, why are you debating on this? How many females involved in suicide or terrorist attacks in our country? They cover their full face or let it open, it’s up to them. We shouldn’t debate with such lame excuses..

            • School can also raise the same counter argument, stating that it’s their right to not let anyone enter if they deem not appropriate, for whatever reason.

              I’m not disagreeing with you. Infact, i’m saying the same thing as you, except from another perspective.

              Let’s suppose, She goes to school and the school barred her entry citing her niqaab.
              1) If the reason is identification, then she can simply remove the niqaab, show her face (she may ask for a female for that matter as it’s her right), let them match her face with their records, and she’s clear.
              2) If the reason is odd like this scenario, where they call her on campus for lecture, and then send her back without stating any clear reason, THAT’s where the “evidence” have to come in. Of course the school will play dirty saying they never said such a thing, or they cancelled the event, or whatever they want to say. OR people may also call the lady in question names or whatever. THIS IS WHERE she can even take them to court and settle the matter legally, if she wants. Or she can just let it go.

              Coming back to this incident, this has been overblown by the media. And let’s be honest, we all know how good our media is when it comes to such things. So that’s why i am not commenting on this issue specifically, but in general … that there MIGHT have been Case 1 here, and the she or the media have tried to shift it in Case 2.

    • yall have taken the debate to colloquial levels. Where does it say that she hid her identity even for security checkup? Its unlikely that she refused any identity check. Who does that nowadays? I infer that she was denied entry toe the venue until she removed her veil. There is a subtle thing going on. She was a misfit with LGS culture. jani wtf?

    • puttar, your comment speaks loudly of the fact that you did not even bother listening to her video message and details of the incident. You read the just the title, like typical couch potatoes and started to spit at her face because it suits your agenda.
      btw, things like you havent been in close proximity of elitist schools LGS, KGS etc. Why do you get to talk about them anyway? You know sheeeet about the culture these snobs stand for.

      • In fact I have captain judgement, and I know “things” like you can only view everything from your tunnel vision brain and lament your miserable life.

  • People should take action by removing their children from such school(s), making it go out of business otherwise it’s only going to get worse.

  • Don’t want to claim or blame but these are such schools representing upper class, where mom and dad type offspring representing leach-sucking gentry of this country are given admissions, and these schools receive foreign-funding to accomplish certain objectives of their donors. The school owners suffer some sort of inferiority complex because of their “adopted values and culture” and they get even more confused, leaving their students super confused! While in the US and Canada or even in Europe, everyone has the right to equal opportunity and their right is duly respected if they want to practice their religion on campus. There are chaplains or resident scholars almost at every university or college representing various religions serving the needs of students coming from those faiths. LGS, Roo or Loots or Beacon, City type schools can’t figure this as their main focus is to look as much outlandish because it is more appealing these days to parents and their kiddos alike.

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