SBP Sets Up Helpline for Banks’ Customers Falling Victims to Fraud Phone Calls

In order to counter the rampant fraud calls within the banking industry, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has set up a helpline to report the incidents of bank frauds through phone calls to customers to get their particulars to withdraw money from their accounts.

The central bank has advised the banks’ customers, who lost their money in fraudulent calls, to report the incidents immediately at the helpline number 021-111-727-273 or email at [email protected]

The central bank took this decision to assess the worrisome situation after a series of incidents reported in different cities through media in which customers’ confidential data was tactfully asked and then transactions were made within the banks.


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Through this helpline and the system set up behind it, one can hope the central bank could trace the transactions carried out by fraudsters provided their accounts details are valid. The customers can got their money recovered through the law enforcement agencies with the support provided by the central bank.

Banks Customers Should Not Share Their Personal Details On Fake Calls

The central bank has also advised the banks’ customers for not sharing their personal details on fake calls, emails or SMS as this can lead them to lose their money from their bank accounts.

SBP advises people not to share personal information like CNIC number, bank account number, password, etc. on calls from individuals impersonating as officials of SBP.

It has been noticed that time and again fraudsters make phone calls to individuals, impersonating as officials of SBP or other agencies, seeking personal information regarding their deposit accounts maintained with commercial banks and threatening that their accounts will be closed or frozen in case of non-verification of their credentials.

SBP/ Banks/ Micro Finance Banks do not seek personal details including PIN, CNIC number, one-time password (OTP), accounts number, etc. from the account holders on telephone calls.


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The public is advised to inform such incident to law enforcement agencies and approach their banks immediately in case of any loss arising due to leakage of personal information, the bank said.

Banks Starts Awareness Campaign For Customers\

Late but right, banks have started an awareness campaign for their customers through SMS and emails. But not all banks are doing this.

An SMS from a bank says: “Dear Customer, email/ SMS from your bank never contains any hyperlink for logging onto internet/mobile banking. Please don’t share your OINs/ Passwords and confidential data.”

Some of the banks such as MCB Bank made an awareness video and circulated through social media. A few banks also raised awareness through their social media accounts after these banks received complaints from the customers.