Passengers Start Protesting Against PIA at Islamabad Airport

Passengers of a PIA flight have staged a sit-in at Islamabad Airport after the cancellation of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight to Gilgit.

As per the media reports, the protestors include the ministers of Gilgit Baltistan as well. GB Minister for Tourism Fida Khan and its Law Minister Aurangzeb Advocate were also among the protestors.


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Reportedly, the ministers set their baggage on fire inside the airport to protest over the cancellation of flights as well as the misbehavior of Airports Security Force (ASF).

Cancelled flight to Gilgit

Passengers of the canceled flight also chanted slogans against PIA and ASF.

Notably, the flight to Gilgit is being canceled for three days. The passengers vowed to continue the sit-in until the resumption of flights.

As per the sources, 25 international passengers were also on this flight’s passenger manifest. The canceled flight was from Islamabad to Gilgit PK-607 that was scheduled to take off today at 7 am.

  • Morons, before you create click bait pages, learn the process. All flights to Northern Areas are subject to weather and backlog. Those idiotic ministers know that. Travel by road, if plane is not avialable

    • Lol. You know nothing about PIA, they also cancel if they have to route this plane to somewhere else. This is because they have grounded many planes in the last few years

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