Breaking: Dr. Shahid Masood Arrested in PTV Corruption Case

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested renowned anchor and media person, Dr Shahid Masood, from outside the court.

Dr Shahid had come to the court to get an extension of bail in the PTV corruption case. Further expansion in his bail was, however, rejected and he was arrested from the premises of Islamabad High Court.

Shahid Masood, who was on interim bail, has previously escaped from the trial court once the court rejected his bail and ordered FIA to apprehend him.

The agency made several raids on his residence in Islamabad and his office, but he was out of the scene until his lawyers got his bail approved.

What’s the Case?

Dr Shahid Masood has remained PTV head during the last days of Musharraf’s regime. The renowned political analyst is under investigation of embezzlement of funds worth Rs38 million

He is alleged to have signed an agreement with a fake company to obtain the media rights for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) which caused the state-owned television channel a huge loss.

Dr Shahid’s Version

However, Masood vehemently denies any involvement in the case as he claims the case was made against him years after he left PTV, just because he started to expose the corruption in the state-run TV channel.

  • Truth will prevail at the end. They can try harder to tarnish his repute, but I’m sure he will come out victorious. His analysis has always been spot on with mostly dissing him because of his accuracy and far fetched thoughts. People who think he’s a joker or call him names because they don’t understand his opinions YET, should wait a few years to see what happens. His views about Dark Web were taking very negatively but people who breath and live internet, know about these things.

    • Oh please, he’s a con artist who stirs emotions among the public for cheap ratings, nothing else. His predictions rarely ever come true and his grand conspiracy theory regarding Zainab’s case drove his ratings through the roof but ultimately came back to bite him in the backside because he couldn’t provide any proof and any proof he did provide turn out to be pure fabrications. He has never once provided concrete proof for any of his claims and no journalist worth his salt would never fabricate evidence just to appear trustworthy.

      Look up his programs from the Musharraf era, if his predictions were really on-point Musharraf would’ve been behind bars or executed by now. Yet, during Musharraf’s reign, he was made director of PTV. Why would Musharraf make Shahid Masood director of PTV in the first place when Shahid Masood was always a staunch critic of Musharraf?

      None of this sounds shady to you Shahid Masood fans? Then again, expecting logic from you guys is like expecting a horse to learn to read. It’s never going to happen.

      • I’m pretty sure you will also say similar things about Zaid Hamid, then?

        Hate the person as much as you want, but you cannot deny the truth in his statements. One doesn’t have to be 100% correct all the time. I have never been a ‘fan’ of any media personality to understand the concepts and it’s implications.

        You are very welcome to keep watching those needless, useless talks on media channels criticizing, and just wasting our time with stupid discussions. Dr Shahid’s program is THE ONLY ONE to present analysis on a broader MACRO level. Sadly, our people are too ignorant and under-educated to even understand this concept, let alone hearing it. (I’d also give the same example Dr Shahid gave in his yesterday’s program about those kids, not knowing what New Zealand is.)

        In Musharraf’s era, he was made incharge of PTV to improve it’s condition (just like current Govt is trying to, and have also initiated proceedings against Dr V-pill guy). He (Dr Shahid) left PTV because he couldn’t fix the corruption as it was embedded so deeply within that the people he (Dr Shahid) kicked out of PTV, were re-hired once he left the position. He also cleared his position multiple times regarding this before. BUT, who am i to defend his case when it’s in courts. So again, like i said before … truth shall prevail.

        • What truth? Seriously what truth? That the system is corrupt and politicians are bad? A stray dog in Pakistan can tell you that. Put that stray dog in front of the camera and call it the ONLY ONE to speak the truth.

          I’m not saying other anchors are any better. I’m saying a person who’d use Zainab’s case for his cheap ratings is not someone I’d ever support.

          So your explanation is: Musharraf made his most fierce critic the director of PTV to root out the corruption there? Do you even listen to yourself? That makes zero sense. Nobody leaves a position like that because of corruption when they have the power to root out that corruption. Even if he was powerless, why didn’t he just expose it by barking on TV like he does these days?

          • Does that ‘stray dog’ also tells you how global events are unfolding and what they mean? Again, you’re too limited to Pakistan’s events, and in particular, to a small area only. You’re not even taking into account the macro level factors.
            Anyway, like I said before … i’m not here to defend his case so let the courts decide. But holy moly did i hit a nerve with you. lol. I think it’s about time you read a little what exactly happened back then, so you understand how the new Zardari’s Govt and his goons influenced his decisions. If i would join a company with my hands tied behind my back, I’d take the graceful exit through resignation, instead of making a big deal out of it. Now you’re successfully established your level of thinking, so excuse me and thank you.

        • Who are those corrupt people in PTV, he can’t tell even today. Who’s coming after him? THEY.

          Because screw logic. Shahid Masood and his wild conspiracy theories. I pity you guys who gobble his wild nonsense like it’s not a steaming pile of crap.

          • He’s been taking names explicitly ever since, if you’ve not been paying attention. The only exception has been the cases where the corrupt individuals were not named by investigative authorities before, in which case he’s taken names AFTER those named were named public (i.e. after arrests or whatever).

            Plus, it takes guts and sense to call out such powerful mafia so openly, something which any regular Pakistani, even you, may not have. WHEN to call them out, and when not to … that’s crucial. And when he says “THEY”, anyone following his programs regularly would know, except those occasional watchers.

            About those ‘wild conspiracy theories’, please don’t tell me that you’re one of those who thinks 9/11 was not done by US itself, using it as a bait to wage a war. Dr Shahid’s just an analyst. He can make the public aware of their surroundings, and what’s happening globally, NOT be a advisor to Govt. If you really think these are just ‘wild conspiracy theories’, then you have a few years on you before you are mentally mature enough to understand the face value of events and their actual substance.

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