US Govt Starts Propaganda to Ban Huawei in Allied Countries: WSJ

The US government is reportedly asking its allies to stop using Chinese tech giant Huawei’s equipment owing to the security fears.

The country is even considering to provide subsidies to those who drop the Huawei equipment. As per the sources, the government officials have met with Japan, Germany, and Italy in this regard. They have also offered certain financial incentives to drop Huawei.

The US has already banned the use of Huawei’s telecom equipment. It has also forbidden the retail stores on the military bases from selling Huawei handsets.

However, it is still not satisfied with its attempts to prevent any potential hacking attempt. It fears that the US military bases present overseas are also vulnerable to such attempts given their internet traffic moves over the commercial networks built from Huawei equipment.


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Moreover, the advent of new 5G networks has raised further security concerns.

The concerns about the use of Chinese-made telecom equipment go way back, but the ongoing trade war between the world’s largest economies have further increased the fears regarding cybersecurity.

Despite Huawei’s claims that it works independently of its government, the FBI, NSA, and CIA have issued warnings against using phones and other services provided by the Chinese manufacturer.

Australia has already banned the use of Huawei equipment and it’s probable that other US allies might also follow suit.

Huawei has also issued a statement in response to the Wall Street Journal’s report, expressing concern over US efforts to influence the other countries.

“If a government’s behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction,” said the statement, “such activity should not be encouraged.”

  • Sure they do. If you cannot hurt them directly. Influence other countries to hurt them indirectly. Touche, US. Touche. Typical of US of A-holes.
    Their home companies have been infringing on privacy of people for a long time, but no one bats an eye. But when another company does it, they make a big issue out of it. Kinda like them having nukes, but when other countries want to have them … drama starts.

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