PIA’s ATR Aircraft Hits Another Aircraft Parked at Karachi Airport

An ATR aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) hit another aircraft parked at the hanger at Karachi airport.

The collision took place during the engine run-up.

The aircraft engine, fuel tank and wings were damaged in the incident. This is the second such incident of the national airline within two weeks.

Sources in PIA engineering department told ProPakistan that an ATR aircraft was parked at the hanger and engineers were carrying out routine checkup of the aircraft.

During the checkup, the engine was being given a run-up. The technical staff could not control the aircraft and it hit a nearby parked aircraft.


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“It seems that the brake of ATR aircraft was not applied on time. This may be the negligence of the technician in the cockpit,” the source added.

The ATR aircraft’s wings and engine’s parts were damaged in the incident. The fuel tank was also damaged due to which fuel drained out on the runway.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) called in fire tenders to handle any untoward incident

This is the second incident within two weeks involving ATR aircraft of the national flag carrier. On Nov 10, an ATR aircraft ran out of runway at Panjgur airport. The aircraft was badly damaged in the incident.

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