Sindh Govt to Shut Down All Private Schools in Residential Areas

The government of Sindh is coming hard at the private school owners to put an end to the mafia in the province’s education system.

The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has now issued a notification to close down all private schools which are established in residential areas.

A notification from the department, circulated on Monday, has warned all private schools in Karachi to move their schools from the residential areas or face bans.


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As per the document, more than 5000 private schools (99%) are built on the residential plots in the metropolitan city.

The notification is not only for private school owners but also addresses all the business owners who have set up their businesses on residential plots.

The notification states that buildings leased for residential purposes are being used are being used for commercial purposes now, which is illegal.


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All such businessmen, including owners of private schools, have been given a 30-day ultimatum to move out or their properties would be locked down after the deadline.

It also adds that all the buildings in violation of building code would also be bulldozed.

Last week, the Sindh Education and Literacy Department had canceled the registration of four high-end schools in Karachi for not complying with the court’s order of fee regulations,

  • How can someone move a school in 3 days !!! – Sindh Govt was sleeping for all these years and suddenly wakes up to give non-workable ultimatum,,

  • Yes so that every child shifts to government school and gets beaten by the teacher and learns new abusive words daily. Very good step. Keep it up.

  • The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) on Monday ruled out the possibility of any “immediate action” against the private educational institutions situated in Karachi’s residential areas.

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