Sindh Suspends Registration of FPS over Failure to Return Excess Fee

The government of Sindh has suspended the registration of two more private schools in Karachi including Foundation Public School (FPS) after they failed to return the excessive fees charged from the parents.

Sindh Education and Literacy Department’s Directorate for Private Schools said the registration of the mentioned schools should remain canceled until the amount is returned to the parents.
The department claims that its action is in line with the courts’ order.
On November 17, the Directorate suspended the registration of The City School and Beaconhouse School System for seven days over noncompliance of the court’s order, which directed private schools to return the fees.

A statement from the education ministry said that the suspension is temporary and will be reverted if the school management complies with the court orders.


Beaconhouse and City School Say Govt’s Suspension of Registration is Illegal

However, if no action is taken in seven days, the department will seal all the branches of both schools across the metropolitan in the presence of Judicial Magistrate, the notification stated.

On the following day, the two schools termed government’s order as ‘illegal and said it holds no legal value.

The two schools alleged that the move violated the orders of Supreme Court and the Sindh High Court. They said it was directed at jeopardizing their reputations.

The court’s order came after parents won the case on petitions filed against the 12 to 60 per cent hike in school fees which was in violation of the Sindh Private Educational Institutions Ordinance, 2001. The ordinance allows schools to increase fees only 5 per cent per annum.

  • The owner Raza Kamal Minhas (close relative of Khawaja Asif) has properties in Dubai and Spain. His name is in the list of Pakistanis owning properties aboard.

  • I know they charge heavily from students and underpay their teachers. In 2010 one of their Principal at Defence Karachi Campus called OLDC said “We didn’t ask you to become teacher” when she was approached by a teacher who went to report disrespectful behaviour of students.

    Their Ex accountant died from all the stress they gave him. His name was Aamir Fareed.

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