Jazz to Implement Stanford’s Design Thinking Methods Across the Organization

The Jazz design thinking bootcamp is underway, having started from November 27th.

This activity aims to enable up to 30 tech professionals and cross-functional leaders to polish their skills in product development and design architecture.

Jazz’s Two-day Design Thinking Bootcamp

It will enlighten the participants regarding the paraphernalia required for design thinking along with outlining methods to improve and hone the work.

Jazz’s Two-day Design Thinking Bootcamp

The two-day bootcamp has been arranged in collaboration with Stanford University, which intrinsically introduced the idea of a design thinking bootcamp through its ‘d.school.’


Jazz Brings Big Offers for Foodies and Music Lovers

Design Thinking Bootcamp

The Design Thinking Bootcamp introduces a set of tools and methods to guide people in creating their own introductory experience to design thinking.

As the d.school puts it,

Bootcamp Bootleg is more of a cookbook than a textbook and more of a constant work-in-progress than a polished and permanent piece.

The guide has been developed by the teaching team members and school-going students along with the designers from across the world.

Basically, this guide is a deck of cards, which contains the tools and methods that keep evolving. In these tools, there are real examples that lead you to action.

Individuals interested in design thinking can employ the bootleg when going through a block. It helps generate new ideas for potential ways of solving a problem.

The bootleg goes about the five components of design thinking and helps you create your own methods.

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