Poll: Do You Think Taxes on Mobile Cards Should be Re-Imposed and Go to Dam Fund?

While Mobile phone customers in Pakistan have been enjoying tax-free mobile telephony and mobile internet, Chief Justice of Pakistan has proposed that the taxes on mobile cards should be re-instated and a portion of these taxes should go to the Prime Minister & Chief Justice of Pakistan Dam Fund.

Chief Justice also emphasized that the nation should come forward with feedback on their willingness if mobile taxes should be restored and used for the dam fund or not.

For exactly the same purpose, we are asking our readers to speak their heart out and share with us how do they feel about the Chief Justice’s proposal.

Also tell us how would you feel if these taxes are re-imposed and a portion is sent to dam fund for ever — even after dam is built; exactly like we pay fee for TV license fee even when we don’t have TVs at homes or offices.

You can vote in the below poll and share your thoughts in comments.

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  • Kya Yr Tm Log Pagl Ho Kya Jo Yes Keh Rahy.. Paisa Lena Hy Tou Ameeron Sy Nikalo Na Itna Paisa Jo Bhr Mulk Banks m Para Hy Wo Wapis Lao Bqi Gareeb Awaan Jispy Phly Sy Taxes Ka Bojh Hy Uspr Mazeed Bojh Nh Dalo

  • Keep in mind over 80% population is poor and under tax net, So whenever the Tax proposal is in consideration, they should not be ignored.
    And for mobile usage there is a very simple method by tracking the consumer mobile number, as every operator keeps the record of top-ups, Hence more usage = more taxes.

    In my humble opinion upto Rs.100 Top-up per number per day is enough for majority of population, and should be exempt from any kind of tax.
    any further recharge should be taxed .e.g. upto Rs.200 per day per number = 5%, Rs.300 = 10%, and max 20%

    • LHC has stayed notices sent to lawyers about taxes on their halal ki kamaee. No date of next hearing. And there shall never be any.
      Is CJ giving his salary to dam fund? Did lower and superior judiciary give their one day salary to dam fund? All other departments did, right ?

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