Govt Informs the Public About Its 100-Day Performance

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led government, on Thursday, shared its performance during the initial 100 days with the masses.

A ceremony, in this regard, was held at Convention Centre Islamabad, which was attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Federal Ministers, advisors, special assistants, bureaucrat and notable officials were also present on the occasion.

Advisor to Prime Minister, Arbab Shehzad, shared the perceived achievements of the government during the period at the ceremony.

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Here is a brief look at the achievements enumerated by Arbab Shehzad before a large crowd at the Convention Centre:

  • The government traced assets worth $11 billion dollars’ under the ownership of Pakistanis abroad.
  • An asset recovery unit was constituted to recover the alleged looted money stashed in offshore accounts.
  • The gas tariff for the export sector was reduced to give a competitive edge to the Pakistani exporters in the international market to boost the country’s exports.
  • The government initiated a process to bring much-needed reforms in the Federal Board of Revenue to broaden the tax base.
  • A tourism board was established to promote tourism in the country.
  • The government prepared a National Agriculture Programme to improve the agriculture sector.
  • The government decided to construct two large water reservoirs under the National Water Policy. Diamer-Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam will be constructed on an emergency basis.
  • The government launched a national plantation drive to plant over 10 billion trees across the country.
  • Measures were taken for ensuring access to justice for women and the Prime Minister is focusing on social protection of women.
  • The government changed the system of governance in the country during the 100-day period.
  • Austerity drive was launched to cut the expenses. Under the austerity drive, billions of rupees were saved.
  • The government initiated work on the plan to construct 5 million low-cost housing units for the homeless people.
  • The PTI-led government is working on a plan to introduce fully-empowered local body system in the two provinces where it is in power.
  • The government also initiated projects for developing crops, livestock and other markets in the country.
  • Pakistan Railways launched 10 news trains during the 100-day period.
  • The government is going to launch a social protection program, which will be one of its flagship programs.
  • The government is working on the phased merger of the former Federally-administered Tribal Areas with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • The government is in the process of finalizing a local government system which will be introduced in the former FATA areas.
  • The government will present its performance report before the masses twice in a year.
  • The 100-day performance report was uploaded on the government of Pakistan’s website to make it accessible for the general public.

Arbab Shehzad said that out of the 34 targets set for the initial 100-day, the government accomplished as many as 18 tasks. He added that working on the other targets is underway on a fast track basis.

    • 100 rupees? Rupee was 133 when this government came to power, thanks to IMF’s aid that PML N’s government asked for. We’re still paying the debts that Musharraf, PPP and PMLN’s governments incurred. Don’t create sensationalized BS news. Rupee is devaluing because of IMF’s aid and the previous government tied us to IMF. I’m not a fan of IK’s immature style of government but PKR was nowhere near 100 when PTI took over.

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